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A few years ago the concept of the Internet of Value appeared. A concept that is born from a disruptive technology called blockchain. The origin of Bitcoin, changed the rules of the financial system as we knew it. The Bitcoin created an economic system that did not depend on a banking entity or central body to control the monetary funds.

The blockchain technology allows the transfer of values ​between users, regardless of distance, in a secure manner, without intermediaries, and with low commissions. It gave rise to cryptocurrencies, supported by communities around the world. So that people can have access to this new kind of money, smart money, without having to have an account in a bank.

Each cryptocurrency is based on its own blockchain technologies, which are not only public or private, but also totally heterogeneous. This causes a problem when wanting to exchange a cryptocurrency for another.

This is where the platforms called exchanges enter. These ecosystems allow exchanging and tradings between different blockchain platforms, that is, they allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies for others.

It’s sure that many of these platforms are safe, but they have drawbacks that often distance users. One of them is that most of them have control over your coins. Yes! It is right. When you create an account in an exchange, your funds are stored in the exchange’s wallet and you take the risk of losing your cryptocurrencies for reasons of hacker attacks, temporary closures of the platforms, legal breaches (money laundering), etc.

In addition, of all this, registration is often very difficult in these platforms, without mentioning that you also have to go through a recognition process called KYC; where you stop being totally anonymous.

In these situations, a group of developers decided to create OnePageX. A platform that will solve the problems mentioned above.

This publication will explain how it works and what this fabulous tool, called OnePageX, is for.


OnePageX is an application that allows the exchange of cryptocurrencies, in a fast, direct and anonymous way. It is true. No need to waste time on personal data records, or sending photos to comply with KYC processes.

The OnePagex platform allows the exchange of Bitcoins to more than 140 cryptocurrencies, including ETH, LTC, GoChain, etc. In the following image, you can see all the cryptocurrencies that the platform handles.

How it works

Obviously, the first thing you should do to use the platform is to enter the OnePagex website.

Once inside the website, perform the following 4 steps to complete your transaction:

Step 1.

In the box on the left side, write the amount of BTC you want to exchange. Note that there is a deposit limit: 0.002 to 0.0962 BTC. Automatically you will see how the converted BTC amount appears, at the market price, in the default cryptocurrency selected, Litecoin (LTC), on your right side.

Step 2.

In the box on the right side, there are all the cryptocurrencies in which you can convert the amount of BTC you have indicated. By default, the platform has the Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrency selected. Once the cryptocurrency of your preference is selected, its value will automatically be updated at the market exchange price.

Step 3.

In the “Withdrawal Address” box, you must place the address of the wallet where you want to receive your money. Remember that the destination address must be the address of a wallet compatible with the cryptocurrency you selected.

Step 4.

Once you have written the amount of BTC to exchange, selected the cryptocurrency of your preference and written the wallet address; you can click now on the “Start Exchange” button.

Et voilà! Your operation has already been launched.

The system will indicate to which Bitcoin address you will have to make the deposit to complete the operation. As you can see in the following example:

Transaction Status

Once your transaction operation is created, there will be three states, so your operation must pass before it becomes effective. Do not worry, the transactions are almost instantaneous once the BTC deposit has been made.


Once the deposit of the BTC has been made, the operation status will wait for 2 confirmations of the transaction.

Pending Withdrawal

When the system has confirmed the deposit, the status of the operation will change to Pending Withdrawal, so it would be a short time before you receive your money.

Withdrawal Complete

Finally, the transaction will be successful when the status of the transaction changes to Complete.


Remember to bookmark your transaction session. The platform will create a session for each transaction you create; so it is advisable to copy the link or bookmark it, to follow the status of it in case of closing the browser by accident.


The platform has a widget to be implemented in any other web system, called OnePageX OneBox. Which allows implementing an anonymous exchange within any web platform.

To install the application, you should simply do is copy and paste the following code into the desired web page.

And it will be operational as follows:

Notes of Interest

  • Fees. The system will charge 0.5% for each transaction plus a small fee for network operations. All these surcharges are already included in the estimated exchange value.
  • Delays. Generally, transactions occur a few minutes after confirming the deposit. However, delays may occur due to blockchain congestion, crypto type, commission payments, etc. So some operations can take around 25 minutes. If this period is extended, it is advisable to contact the staff of the platform via email, to the following contact address:
  • Withdrawal Queued. It is important to mention that the withdrawals are made in batches form, so sometimes there are delays, waiting to complete a batch of withdrawals.


The platform has just been launched, so it is in a period of growth and development. It is expected to add more cryptocurrencies both to receive and to deposit, and it is planned to include STEEMs among them.


In a hurry!


Helen is a university student and urgently needs to buy some shoes that she saw on sale; which are sold in DASH, so she decides to borrow his friend John. John only has BTC. However, Helen does not like having BTC because of its high fees per transaction. Fortunately, she recently knew OnePageX. So she decides to use it because it allows converting BTC to DASH quickly, without having to register in any exchange and having to wait to complete the KYC processes.

Helen enters the OnePageX website and performs the operation, OnePageX gives her a BTC address to perform the exchange. Helen sends the BTC address to her friend. John can finally make a transaction to the indicated BTC address. A few minutes later, Helen receives the converted amount on her DASH wallet and can happily buy the shoes she wanted.

Winning a Puzzle challenge


Jack is an enthusiast whose fun is to decipher the cryptographic challenges posted on the Internet. He finally managed to decipher one of the most difficult puzzles of his life and discovered that the prize was the private key of a wallet containing 0.3 BTC. To maintain his anonymity in the medium, he decides to use OnePageX, who does not ask for any personal information and transfers that amount to other cryptocurrencies of his choice.


OnePageX is a great alternative to exchange a cryptocurrency in another, quickly and anonymously, without having to register any personal information in the process. Its interactive and simple interface facilitates the negotiation process, as well as the possibility of exchanging more than 140 cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that the OnePageX platform has just been launched and that in the future it will have more types of cryptocurrencies to exchange.

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