I fervently respect sharing ideas through writing and trust that writing is a journey, as a writer will never attain ultimate perfection. Because every unpretentious author continually strives for that perfect message that fits the moment and place.

I see no end to underscoring the urge that there is always room for improvement in writing. That is why learning is what I do best; thus, I will see to it if given that opportunity!

I deliver my unsurpassed job by researching, gathering, and writing on various social, political, ethical, medical, and healthcare issues of the day.

I enjoy touching on controversial subjects in our lives in my works. Now and then, I offer opinions that may not be cordial to every reader. Nevertheless, I uphold the concept that "I listen to everyone without prejudice, judge no one with bias, and believe in the Golden Rule."

Dr. Adam Ray Tabriz

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“Peace of mind would come to all people through the universal respect for the basic human rights of everyone”