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What is a CHANGELOG?

A changelog is a file which contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of a project.

**Note:** A CHANGELOG is not the same as a git commit log. A CHANGELOG should only contain info the end user needs to know regarding changes to the software.

Convert CHANGELOG to Markdown

Appcelerator ships with a CHANGELOG.txt file. Change the file extension to .md so we can leverage all of the features of Markdown.

Convert your CHANGELOG contents from plain text to Markdown

To programatically access the contents, we need to adopt a standard. One of the most widely adopted standards is keep a changelog. …

I originally wrote this article for Appcelerator and had it posted here:

Developing a mobile app is just the beginning. What follows — signing, packaging, managing app meta data, testing, and deploying to the App Stores, can arguably be just as tedious and challenging.

This article will demonstrate one way to configure your environment to manage these tasks when developing apps with Titanium.

  • For Testing -> we will use Appium (Local Server) + mocha (npm package)
  • For Automation -> we will use Fastlane


Set Up Appium Server

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. There are several options here that range from cloud-based, to local node package, and even a simple ‘Appium Desktop’ GUI app for Mac. For this article, I am going to use the simple GUI-based app, as it does everything I need it to do. …

It was just a matter of time before the two passions in my life, hockey and technology, would finally meet. I’ve seen numerous goalies record video of them playing from various places on the ice and decided I wanted to do the same.

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To get video of myself playing in goal to capture some great plays as well as improve my game.


  1. The ‘safest’ place was from above, attached to the glass, and ‘outside’ of the ice surface. But this is more of a “birds-eye” view and doesnt really help me assess my angles and lateral movements.
  2. ‘In Goal’. This, by far, provides the best video to learn from but it is obviously the most dangerous location. …

Axway’s Mobile Backend Services (I’ll refer to this as MBS) is a great cloud storage solution that you can use with, literally, just a few lines of code. And the best part is — it’s FREE. The name has changed a few times but in one form or another I have used MBS for close to 5 years now and during that time I have come across some tips/tricks that I hope others could benefit from.


  1. General understanding of Axway Appcelerator (Cross-Platform Mobile Development) and Axway Mobile Backend Services.
  2. Understand how to create a “shell” app within Appcelerator.
  3. General understanding of Alloy data-binding and Collections. There are a few paths one could go here, and Jason recently wrote a blog post describing many other alternatives here — but for this article I am going to use my favorite, RESTe. …

A common pain-point for Titanium developers is implementing fingerprint authentication for Android. Hyperloop (especially now that it’s free) solved the technical challenge but the UI/Presentation layer still remained left to the developer.

I recently took Google’s Material Guideline for Fingerprint Behavior and created my own Titanium Widget to solve that issue and make it portable for use in several of my other apps.

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ti.androidfingerprintalertdialog Widget


  1. Appcelerator/Titanium
  2. Hyperloop
  3. Some method of fingerprint authentication.

a. TouchID —


b. Ti.Reprint Hyperloop .aar and common.js —

4. ti.androidfingerprintalertdialog widget —


1–2. I wont go into these; there are numerous articles, docs, and wiki’s to cover those.

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I started working in IT directly out of High School. Within a few years I was into a Systems Administrator role and suffice it to say — I was living on caffeine as I provided 24/7 Data Center Support. And not just any caffeine — but Dr. Pepper. Do you know how many calories are in Dr. Pepper? How about 8 per Day? 1200+ calories. Yikes! Needless to say my weight began to creep up as I was consuming way too many ‘liquid-calories’ and (due to late nights) not staying as active.

Turning Point

It was September 2007, my daughter was about to turn 3 yrs old, and I constantly found myself tired when I got home. So tired I couldnt spend valuable time playing with my active toddler. I was up to 191 lbs and 38% body fat. I was watching TV one evening and an info-mercial for P90X came on. Tony Horton was over 30 and fit. The workouts seemed logical and the diet plan seemed reasonable. I remember him saying “Just keep pressing play”. Ready to make a change and tired of the condition I was in — I decided to buy P90X and commit to 90 days. …


I started playing Goalie when I was 7 years old. I was born and raised in Texas, so until the Dallas Stars came to town my only option was Roller Hockey. Upon the Stars arrival, and the influx of Ice Rinks, I transitioned to Ice Hockey and have played both ever since. I played 2 years for the University of Texas at Arlington until destroying my knee when it was wrapped behind my head and around a goal-post. …

I have integrated Twilio SMS Messaging for various clients over the past few years and decided it was time to wrap this up into my own library to ease portability.

For this library — I took a very simplistic approach. Just added SMS Messaging and no SDK’s or additional libraries; just a basic common.js module.

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Setup Twilio Account and API Key

  1. Create a free Twilio Account at
  2. Create an API Key at

Make note of your API Secret. After you complete the setup the API Key can no longer be retrieved.

Download Library

Copy the /lib/ti.twilio.js file into your Axway Titanium Project under /app/lib/

Add Module and Initialize

  • AccountSID, APISID, & APISecret = All {strings} from your Twilio…


Adam Armstrong

Web Designer, Mobile App Developer, IT Manager & Fitness Guru

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