The EU Referendum – My View

So I’ve voted, for the only option. Never wavered, never doubted my decision. Now I’ve just got to hope the majority of Brits are with me in remaining within the EU.

I’ve enjoyed the campaign. I’ve enjoyed seeing people exercised, on both sides of the argument. I’ve enjoyed seeing and hearing people talking about politics.

All I wish is that people were this involved in politics when it comes to general and local elections. Take a look around you; Europe has a minimal impact on what you’re looking at, if any impact at all. Most of what you are looking at is the result of decisions taken at a UK Parliament, be it Westminster, the Senedd, Stormont or Holyrood, and not forgetting the local decisions taken at the nearest town/city hall to where you live.

Where Europe does have an impact, it also has that same impact in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy. All countries with diverse domestic policy to each other, and our own. All countries doing things differently in education, health, transport, energy etc etc.

A better Britain is possible, but mainly through domestic policy, and definitely in partnership with our neighbours.

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