The blueprint to survival.

Yahoo was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994. That was the year that I graduated from high school. I went to a Catholic High School and we had no computers or computer classes. I instead took typing and got an A but my spelling was a whole different story.

I knew there was a world wide web from some of my nerd friends who would invite me over and we would chat with people around the world. We were mostly looking for girls to talk sexy with us…. and not too much more.

Oh yeah and there was Doom. It was new and the first multiplayer game play I was exposed to. For those that don’t remember or didn’t have a really nerdy college roommate, it was a first person shooter game that most likely is the reason today that we have so many mass shootings.… But that is a whole different story…

Today I want to address YAHOO! What the hell is going on? It is the dying company that will probably out last us all. Buy why? Yahoo is one of the real internet pioneers and they even swiped their most recent CEO Marissa Meyer from Google. So we have the best of both words in search, right? Wrong. Yahoo’s market share of search has been in decline.

Oh yeah search! Most people probably wonder if Yahoo even does search anymore. The reason google is still on top is 1 thing and that is search, period. Search provides all the revenue. And Yes google is way in front as #1, but why. Is Google’s search really that much better than Yahoo? I would say not. Dominant yes, but better, not.

Yahoo has veered way too far from the tree. That tree being search and what they were created for. The company was started as a search company but I am willing to bet if you asked 20 people what Yahoo does there will be 20 different answers followed by, “not really good”. They have gotten into so so many “Verticals” they seem not do anything really well and most of all they are failing at search which is the core that started them. Google now has @ a 69% market share while Yahoo has 6%? How is that possible? Yahoo seems to have simply given up.

I think a comeback is very possible. If I was CEO, I would focus on search and search alone. The vast majority of google revenues today come from search and search related advertising. Yahoo needs to look in the same direction. I am an internet marketer and I use both products so I know the ins and outs. The problem of Yahoo only having a 6% market share is very easy to fix. Get back to your roots and get back to search.

That is much easier said than done. True. Luckily I have the answer. I have a clear path to success and the WHY yahoo could again regain their former market share and rise back to the top. The problem with this solution is how would I get it to the hands of Marissa or Jerry? They are so wrapped up in the silicon valley crap factory of trying to put out the next new thing they cannot see the 10thousand pound gorilla in the room.

I want to help Yahoo. They were my first search and like my first kiss it changed my word forever. But who could I reach out to and how could I get paid for my strategy that would transform them into the leader of search? Yahoo now is like a government company. They are public and nobody in the entire organization including the CEO wants to take a risk or even make a decision at all. Making a decision has two sides, right and wrong. The wrong decision now would be to do nothing and forget about search. Instead they make no decisions so they can keep their jobs and live in survival mode to the next millennium. The right solution would be to call me with a bag of money and turn Yahoo around.

Adam Urban

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