The Nextdoor App

If you haven't heard of Nextdoor let me tell you a bit about it. Nextdoor is an application created for neighborhoods. To become a member of a community you verify residence in that neighborhood via the mail.

Now this does some pretty amazing things. It gives you exclusive contact with people in your community and minimizes fraudulent accounts. While the communities are still growing I have found that most have a substantial amount of people.

This brings us marketing opportunities and Nextdoor has a unique way of protecting its users from scammy ads. To advertise on their platform you spend…

Getting the Most Out Of Your Money

Today we will discuss advertising your brand for low cost. It boils down to one little trick - TRADE.

I know what you're thinking "that doesn't even sound like advertising." But let me assure you it is and it is extremely effective.

When you just enter your niche you are the low man on the totem. You are prying your business into an ecosystem of customers, influencers, competitors and vendors.

Why in the hell should people work with you? Well how does FREE sounds? Yea that's right FREE!

The Influencer.

Let's think about it. That bottle of CBD that you're selling for…

3 ways to make those early sales

Now what?

You have a brand new shopify account with a guaranteed to sell hot product and you just fired that baby up… now what??

Opening the shop is complicated enough and now you're supposed to sell things? That's right! And with a few best practices this can be achieved quite easily. This isn't a guide to have your family or friends buy your first products. This guide will help you find a customer base for continuous sales.

Determine your target audience.

Discover the who, what, why and how of your customer. Sometimes people will buy things for different reason than you sell it and you…

About Us Page For Digital Consulting

EXAMPLE Consulting is dedicated to bringing your business into the modern age through social media management and e-commerce solutions.

Our primary focus is

- Grow An Organic Online Presence 
- Educate +
- Develop Market Strategies 
- Customer Service and Sales
- Increase Revenue

So what does this mean to you?

Growing an organic online presence plays an important role in expanding your business online. We do this by utilizing tools such as Facebook and Instgram. We will teach you how to build an online community full of people interested in your product!


BuildGreen Coin is designed to not only combat climate change but to also bridge a massive financial industry, the construction sector with the youthful crytpocurrency market. In the U.S. alone the construction industry reached expenditures over $1,162 billion (billion with a B) U.S. dollars. This number is even more breathtaking when viewed from a global standpoint with reports of the total construction industry being over $10 trillion dollars. And this number is only growing, dwarfing the cryptocurrency market in comparison. At the time of this writing the total cryptocurrency market is at a global market cap of $421 billion U.S…

Climate change is real and is regarded by specialists in the field and scientists as the largest threat humanity may ever face. Plagues, famine, rising sea levels and extreme weather are some of the symptoms. Human extinction is a real possibility. There should be a non partisan war against Climate Change and its effects but unfortunately some have drawn a line in the sand and condemned the facts for their own self interests and gains. It is up to us to fight back in whatever way we can. …

(LEED Student Center) Image Courtesy of

It has become apparent to millennials and young people across the world that they can no longer trust their leaders to reverse climate change, reduce environmental pollution, and regulate polluters. This is not hyperbole and it’s not propaganda…Climate Change and it’s harmful effects are now a broad, unquestionable, scientific consensus. And many feel very little is being done about it.

With this in mind, many young people have the presence of mind to see opinions from the skeptics… ‘Green’ Legislation is tricky, industry regulation is cumbersome, and red tape is demoralizing…all while costing taxpayers more money. But the correct response…

Adam U. Snyder

Adam is the owner of IgniteSite - where we focus on amplifying your story.

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