Living poor #11 & 12 / 30 — An empty fridge & psoriasis treatment

Even when I was living with my parents we quite often had an empty fridge.

I know what’s on your mind. Nah, we weren’t that poor.

Having an empty fridge was more like a philosophyc approach related to my mum’s and dad’s humbleness.

You see they willingly gave up on greediness and rather embraced modesty and simplicity.

Which to me is the most valuable herritage I could ever get.

You bet I love opening my fridge finding nothing but only things necessary (bunch of eggs, butter, milk and some veggies).

To me there is harder a greater pleasure.

Honestly I hate fridges filled with beers, sodas, hams, salads, sausages or chocolates. Fridges filled with moldy food people forgot about because there were plenty of other things to stuff their belly with…

Now I got a funny comparison of reactions when I introduced our humble lifestyle to two other people.

Both used to be my girlfriends.

The first one was laughing at me shockingly wondering how could we even live like that.

The other one got amazed when I first introduced her the philosophy of an empty fridge.

Guess which one of these girls later became my wife, hehe.

Speaking of my wife reminds me I used to invite her for a breakfast at least once or twice a week to my parrent’s appartement before we got married.

We started at about 9 A. M. when mum and dad was already gone at work eating quite the same: scrambled eggs with chives, bread and butter and a glass of juice.

Damn, even now when I write about it I remember how great this simple breakfast taste like…

Once we moved to our own appartement we tried to keep it the same.

I mean we didn’t eat just scrambled eggs.

But we tried to not stuff our fridge with rubbish in order to keep the magic of humbleness and simplicity alive…

This actually, both with another experience I went through, made me realize I can eat much less than people are usually used to.

There’s a bigger story behind that which I’d like to share now.

About 2 years ago I got sick of psoriasis.

For those who don’t know this disease is basically about your skin becoming affected by itchy stains.

The largest ones appeared under both of my knees and on my left elbow. The smaller ones were on my back and right thigh.

They itched like hell and I used to scratch them until they drew blood.

“Oh, psoriasis. That’s bad because there’s quite no treatment for this,” everybody around me kept saying. “Better go to a doctor and get some pills and a herbal salve.”

“What’s the purpose if they say there’s no treatment for this anyway,” I used to think back then ignoring all the advice.

It was luck, accident or maybe an inner belief there is a treatment after all. Somehow I managed to find an internet forum created by a self-taught doctor sharing his story how he cured his early-stage cancer.

The more I read, the more I got immersed. His secret was based on a simple idea of following a strict fruit and veggie diet while clearing his large intensine on a regular basis.

This is achieved through a procedure called Sankhapraksalana which has its roots in India where it’s used as a possible alternative treatment for diabetes.

Suddenly an idea for an experiment was born.

Let me tell you going through Sankhapraksalana is not a comfortable experience as you have to drink about 9 litres of salty water in order to starting diarrhoea and getting your intensine cleared.

Does this look crazy to you?

I wouldn’t expect the opposite as everybody (except for my wife) was telling me how this procedure is going to harm my body and eventually kill me.

Well, quite obviously it didn’t.

Of course before doing this I was scared to shit.

But it ended up well. Much better than I expected.

First things first by performing Sankhapraksalana I managed to cure my “uncurable” psoriasis.

Another benefit is my appetite for food doubled yet all my body was asking for were small portions of fruit, veggies, rice or eggs usually not more than twice a day.

Suddenly I needed much less food therefore I spent evenly less money on it while appreciating every single bite like never before.

The most signifacnt benefit of performing Sankhapraksalana was however this — I felt pumped with energy. All day and all night long.

I was able to wake up with no alarm clock by sunrise, while fall asleep effortlessly after midnight without feeling exhausted.

My mind felt fresh and my concetration was at it’s top.

I started admiring and appreciating everything around me and even most people I didn’t symphatize with until then.

Also most of my anxiety dissapeared. Naturally as once you go through something like Sankhapraksalana, it’s a huge step out of your comfort zone that will change you forever.

Now how did the procedure looked like?

I woke up in the morning and the first thing I did was I drank 1,5 half liter of lukewarm water all at once.

This first step is very important as it hydrates your organism properly before drinking salty water which does the opposite.

In the meantime I prepared 1,5 liter of chamomile tea and small portion of plain rice mixed with a little melted butter.

The tea helps calming your stomach and intestine while the rice and butter recreate the microflora washed away during Sankhapraksalana.

The hardest part was drinking the 4× 1,5 liter of salty water as I (similarly to drinking the lukewarm water) had to make it all at once.

Now this might look impossible, disgusting or whatever.

Yet it is doable. After my second or third attempt I realized my body requires much smaller salt doses than recommended as well as the drinking pace can be actually much slower.

So I basically drank the first 1,5 liter portion of salty water like it was a cup of tea and nothing usually happened.

The interesting part usually began while drinking the second portion. I was already near the toilet expecting the first and hardest diarrhoea to come. But it’s nothing special in fact. All you see is your yesterday’s dinner coming out of you in a quick pace.

Hardly I can describe how interesting sight it actually is looking at streams of water coming out of your butthole. And seeing all the hidden “treasures” stuck inside your intensite (except for the food remains I managed to deliver a piece of plastic — never figured out how it got there).

Now after an hour of continously drinking salty water and starting a diarrhoea over and over the water coming out of me became clearer and clearer.

Shortly it became lucid so it was like admiring a butthole-shaped human fountain. It might sound strange but hardly ever have I experienced a more pleasant feelings.

After all the water was drank, there were 3 last steps to perform:

First — drink the chamomile tea in order to calm my stomach.

Second — eat the rice with butter I prepared in advance. This is quite necessary as the combination of starch and lactosis creates a phlegm which temporarly replaces the missing microflora.

And third — wash myself. The most necessary but rewarding and pleasant washing I’ve ever experienced.

As mentioned before Sankhapraksalana was such the much intense experiment I went through so far and it definitely shaped me into who I am today.

After this I didn’t become a mindless slave of a super strict diet affraid of how would’ve a chocolate bar affect my body.

I can eat quite everything my body asks for.

Except for now I eat much more slower. Consciously. Simple.

And I try not to overeat as this affects my energy level quite rapidly.

I also didn’t become obsessed by alternative medicine.

Sure it has been 6 years now since I visited a doctor’s office.

But I believe it is great having a good doctor nearby to fix your broken leg when things go wrong.

I also believe Sankhapraksalana was not an ultimate cure which helped me gain control over psoriasis.

There were other factors as well.

Like I had my supportive wife (a girlfriend back then) next to me.

Or that we were lucky enough and, during my treatment, we found our own appartment and moved from parents which was what we dreamt about most.

It could even be an awareness (which appeared out of nowhere) that my psoriasis is in fact not a disease to fight against.

It respresented a reflection of how I lived.

As well as a warning sign living like this could lead me to a place I don’t wish to visit.

So it wasn’t about approaching it as a foe to beat.

But a friend who came to help me.

Which my psoriasis actually did perfectly.