“I’m cold”. Yeah, that’s what he is trying to say

“I’m cold”. Yeah, that’s what he is trying to say. Guys, meet Ahmed Mohamed (81years) , an old man who fights for his life. I’ve met him personally, he lives in Laamu atoll, I went to visit his place, and I swear, what I saw was heart breaking. He is mute man, who works to survive all by himself. People mock him, throws stones and other rubbish in to his house. He doesn’t have clothes, food or any facilities including electricity in this modern era as we speak of. He was lying down when we went to visit the place. The place smelled horrible, why? Because there was no one to help him clean the place, yeah, he can’t even clean himself. It’s a shame that people like him are living in such bad conditions and no one cares much. Most people only care about themselves. They barely think about these poor people living in these poor conditions. They fight for their own rights. But what about the survival of poor people like these? What about their rights? Only a few percentage of people actually care about the poor. Only a few think about helping the people in need. We must all put an effort to help the poor and the homeless. Its not something a few people can achieve. So think about this. Make our country a better place for the homeless people. Be more of a giver than a getter. Help, donate and stand up for them. They need every single one of you.


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