The priorities of the government are just too depressing to think about

It's been an extremely hectic week. After several months hospitalized at the IGMH, last Friday my grandpa passed away. During the long time he had to stay there I experienced many acts of negligence and carelessness by the nurses working there. I always try to be nice to them and talk softly, unlike most Maldives who just yell and argue with them. But after weeks, what I understood was that the more nice you are, the more careless most of them gets. Even if you don't want to, you just have to argue with them to get things done. I have met very nice nurses but some of them are just totally hopeless.

Just to tell one story, my grandpa was being fed via ng tube. He hates the tube and sometimes pulls it out, so always someone has to stay close and be on alert. I went to the nurse's station and asked a nurse to help me contact the IGMH canteen to order some food for the grandpa. The nurse, while chatting on phone, using one hand, she dialed the number for canteen and handed me the phone. Unfortunately it was a wrong number, so I asked he if she could find me the correct number. She looks up from the phone and says "just go to the canteen, it'll be ok". I told her that I cant go, leaving my grandpa alone, so please find the number for me. I was worried that he may pull out the feeding tube. The nurse replies to me "sorry, cant help, I need to go to ADK". it didn't seem like she was going to ADK in an emergency... she was taking her sweet time to chat and smile at the phone, she was in no hurry. But she had no time to find me the damn number....

Few days ago, a second cousin of mine had a seizure and a heart attack while he was at the Hulhumale playground. He was quickly taken to the Hulhumale hospital emergency. I wasn't there at that time but I was told that after searching through the cupboards it took the doctors/nurses a while to find the equipment to give him electric shocks, and even longer to find the gel used with the equipment. The patient needed an immediate ventilator, but there was no ventilator at the hospital so we had to transfer the patient immediately to Male. IGMH ICU had no beds, so we transferred him to ADK ICU using the sea ambulance. The sea was a bit rough, I was shit scared that something might happen on the way. After bringing him to the ADK, the doctor at the ADK told us that the patient had suffered major brain injuries due to the delays in giving him the emergency care. Especially because he could not get enough oxygen during that time. The patient was still shaking when he was being taken into the ICU. The patient had multiple seizures for 8 hours while in the ICU. The doctor gave us very little hope for recovery, since he believes that the patient was revived after heart had been stopped for more than 10 or so minutes. After several days he is still unconscious.

We had to contact ADK Nashidh just to get a letter to get Aasandha insurance to send him overseas, since the doctor initially refused to give him a referral letter saying "there is a neurologist and a cardiologist at the ADK, the care is available in the Maldives, so I cannot fill the Aasandha insurance form". Less than a week in ADK ICU had costed nearly 60000 rufiyaa.

We had to deal with several other bureaucratic bullshit, such as Indian Airlines almost canceling his tickets and warning us that they will not transfer this patient because of the delays in Assandha contracted travel agency to provide them the proper documents. Finally today, after much struggle, we have been able to send him off to a hospital in Bangalore.

Here i am checking the prices of medical ventilators on the internet, which seems to be available for approx. 3000 USD. It is extremely sad to realize that the government do not care at all to provide such a cheap equipment to the Hulhumale hospital, when more than 30000 people live on that island. I wonder how many people have died or suffered major damages due to the lack of proper equipment in hospitals. The government happily spent more than 150 million ruifyaa to celebrate minivan 50. They are spending millions for parliament members and their families. Nearly 40 million for some new artificial beach, while they could not get an MRI machine for several years, which costed them about 20 million. The priorities of the government are just too depressing to think about

sorry about the grammar errors its 1:30am and i cant be bothered to correct them ...

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