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Hello all! This post I want to talk about the Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program I just finished.

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Hello all! This week I want to talk about the job hunt, graduating, coding, and freelance work.

1 I should mention that I graduated from my bootcamp a few weeks ago. The course was 12 weeks and it was simultaneously really long - and really short somehow.

I definitely miss it; I had a very good routine of getting up early, riding the subway downtown, studying, working hard, and going to bed exhausted. Now, the hard part...

2 Probably the most difficult task for any student is finding work*. Searching LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter for postings is easy; but it’s…

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Hello all! This week I want to talk about my coding bootcamp experience so far. It’s been really cool! :D

1 We’re in week 9 of 12 and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. The time is really going by quickly; it’s hard to believe it’s almost over.

I tried my best to prepare myself beforehand, but I don’t think I realised how fast the pace would be. Every weekday we have at least 2 to 3 assignments due, so that’s over 100 assignments by now. (Some are short, some take a lot longer.)

I’m in a class of…

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Hello all. This week I’m talking about a workplace injury, Hacktober, and a JavaScript MadLibs.

1I had a workplace injury this week. I can’t really go into details, but my wrists were forcibly bent backwards. Nothing was broken, but there’s inflammation and some pain. Not great for someone who wants to code!

2 I was able to snag a T-shirt from Hacktober 2018! If you’re unfamiliar, Digital Ocean rewards coders who make at least 5 pull requests on GitHub during October with a free shirt.

At first I felt I was too inexperienced at coding, but I looked and found a few requests that I understood. …

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Hello all. This week I’m talking about tutorials, partial projects, and getting distracted.

1I followed a few tutorials this week:

I have mixed feelings about tutorials. On the one hand they can show you how to make something amazing that might’ve taken hours (or years) for you to figure out on your own. 👍

But on the other hand, you’re basically just copying and it makes me wonder:

  • If I…

Adam Weiler

I’m a Full-Stack Web Developer looking for work!

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