Momo the cat.

“We know now what was unknown to all the preceding caravan of generations: that men are only fellow-voyagers with other creatures in the odyssey of evolution. This new knowledge should have given us, by this time, a sense of kinship with fellow-creatures; a wish to live and let live; a sense of wonder over the magnitude and duration of the biotic enterprise.”

“On a Monument to the Pigeon,” Aldo Leopold, 1947

The Greenland Shark, we’re now told, lives to the ripe old age of 400 years, making it the oldest known living vertebrate.

The sharks don’t begin to reproduce until the age of 150 years.

The Greenland Shark, smiling despite knowing that it won’t reproduce until the age of 150.

We know so little about the world that surrounds us.

Glen Canyon Dam by ANDR3W A

These are heady days for dam-busters. Six dams in the American West have come down in the past year. Last month the Federal government agreed to remove four more dams on the Klamath River.

Dams are like clogs in the earth’s arterial system. Removing dams is like performing angioplasty for…

Taking a leap

Since I was very young, I’ve loved planting seeds. In high school I co-founded the Sierra Student Coalition, the Sierra Club’s student program, in the hopes of passing legislation to create Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks. Many years later the SSC has grown into more than I could…

Check out this article that I wrote with lily cole on the current state of the sharing economy.

It’s not too late to reclaim the sharing economy from those who would use humanity’s desire to share to make a quick buck.

There are positive signs. AirBnB remains the standard-bearer among the largest venture-funded companies in this arena for a community-driven platform. I love what Lily and team are doing with And we formed Yerdle to make it so easy to swap your things that there’s no need to have a self-storage unit or an over-filled closet. This goes far beyond us. Thousands of not-for-profit technology-infused projects are bringing the wisdom of community organizing to utilize idle assets.

The sharing economy is not a movement to be left only to those who would profit from it. It’s for all of us.

Dana Milbank’s piece on Who’s to Blame for Flint in the Washington Post makes a compelling argument for Governor Rick Snyder’s culpability for the Flint debacle.

Two separate emergency managers appointed by the Governor made decisions that would come back to haunt the people of Flint. Local voices were ignored, Council votes disregarded, and control firmly placed in the hands of business minded cost cutters.

Governor Snyder, who once served as CEO of Gateway computers, neglected to impart on his emergency managers the differences between clean drinking water and the assembly process for a desktop computer.

Governing is hard. You can’t have people who hate Government be those who implement the solutions to make it better.


Environmental activist & social entrepreneur. Co-founder, Yerdle. Sierra Club former President. Author, Strategy for Sustainability.

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