Seriously, How Can You Be For This?
Dave Pell

You got one thing right: we are in the middle of what could become the most dramatic presidential scandal ever. Obama did Trump one better by becoming Vladimir Putin and spying on his political opponents in hopes of destroying them.

This same criminal regime used the IRS to enfeeble their political opponents in the 2012 election. Incredibly, Obama was caught making a hot mic promise to Putin’s right hand man for “more flexibility” after the election and he didn’t mean the kind progressives repetitiously favor between two men. Response by lapdog media? Yawn.

These same corrupt apparatchiks had their attorney general meet on the tarmac with the spouse of a crooked politician being investigated by the FBI, talk about your ‘where there’s smoke’ appearance of impropriety.

But in the face of this massive scandal and destabilization of democracy your greatest worry is…not allowing the cable company to do what google and your stupid smartphone has been doing for years?

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