Let me explain my take on that.
Clifford Goudey

The Association Fallacy

Cliff, Mary and Adolfo are all citizens [C] and they are all criminals [A]. Mackenzie [B] is a citizen therefore Mackenzie is a criminal. This is the logical fallacy of guilt by association with a little John 8:7 thrown in — he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

I look forward to Cliff’s defense of corporations and wealthy plutocrats who don’t pay their taxes because who among us has not taken a deduction we are not entitled to? How can we hold rapists accountable when we have all looked on women with lust in our hearts? Taken to its logical conclusion no one is faultless therefore no one has a right to pass judgement.

It’s more useful to focus on what actually happened during the current “round up” of illegals instead of what your fevered imagination fears could happen next.

The enforcement actions took place in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and surrounding areas, said David Marin, director of enforcement and removal for the Los Angeles field office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Only five of 161 people arrested in Southern California would not have been enforcement priorities under the Obama administration, he said.

So the vast majority of illegal aliens arrested were criminals who everybody agrees should be arrested and deported. Under the Trump administration it is the job of ICE to find and deport illegals just like it was under the Obama administration.

Legal immigrants (and undoubtedly the majority of illegal immigrants) are hard-working and law abiding; more so than the native born in too many neighborhoods. Immigrating to this country is a privilege not a human right. There is a process that needs to be respected and we are within our rights to select people who will contribute the most as citizens. If that means more PhD’s than burger flippers so be it.

If the fabulous Obama economy can’t find enough burger flippers to fill those dead end jobs perhaps minimum wage employers will have to start paying a living wage.

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