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Confronted peacefully, as in Washington, his backers escalated the violence, shooting someone.

About that “peaceful protest” in Red Square (you cannot make this stuff up):

Meanwhile, protesters outside Kane Hall hurled bricks and other items at police officers, according to the Seattle Police Department. They also threw fireworks and paint.

So it was a riot by students, anarchists and socialists. Anything goes, burn it down, kill the pigs, woo hoo! Eerily similar to the violence at UC Berkley featuring assaults on attendees and law enforcement, arson and property destruction all conveniently blamed on “anarchists” and “ a group of about 150 masked agitators.”

But I do think that fascists shooting people on campus in the stomach for dissenting views might be worth a little more attention.

Yes it is, not that you have any intention of waiting for the law enforcement investigation to finish before inciting a lynch mob. Physically assaulting people who are peacefully exercising their 1st amendment rights of free speech and assembly may lead directly to them exercising their 2nd amendment right to protect themselves against other men and the mob.

Strangely, after consultation with the prosecuting attorney’s office the man was released and not charged with a crime. It’s enough to make you think he was punched in the face and acting in self-defense.

Ironically, the swastika tattoo sported by the “Wobbly” who was shot (Josh Dukes) may have caused the victim to believe he was being attacked by a neo Nazi white supremacist. Everybody knows it’s OK to punch Nazi’s so why not shoot them?

Just like the original Nazis this new generation of Brownshirts is trying to steal with violence what they can’t win at the ballot box through intimidation and silencing of critics. If you don’t know about the socialist roots of Nationalsozialistisch or don’t know Hitler was more of a leftist than a nationalist or a racist this is a teachable moment.

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