Conservatives are wrong about government spending
shepard emry

I appreciate the thoughtful response and commend you for putting your finger on several of the most important issues facing the country. Stable fiscal policies, guns vs butter and quality healthcare are more important than the red team/blue food fight.

If conservatives get one thing right about government spending it’s that we shouldn’t spend more than we take in. Sadly, this is considered a callous and rabidly right wing view. With the national debt approaching $20 trillion it’s an open question if we can even pay it off. Too many are unaware we have a problem and think limited government is so 1980's.

College for everyone was a mistake and the more money students can borrow the more money colleges can charge. The rate of inflation for higher education has exceeded that of the pharmaceutical industry, big oil and real estate for several decades.

We can do free college or college for everyone but not both. Anyone who chooses a major with “studies” in the name needs to be immediately transferred to a tech school before they end up in debt making 30k a year as the assistant manager at Starbucks. The trades are literally crying for workers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or earn higher wages.

As a snarky sidelight to your free college vs military spending dilemma:

Healthcare is too complex to do justice to in a short time but one thought starter would be to ask why Canadians go to the US to buy drugs, typically new and expensive drugs not offered by their provincial formularies. When it comes to healthcare you can pay with legal tender or you can pay with pain and suffering.

They say sharing other people’s money always works in the beginning.

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