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I’m glad to hear you don’t support open borders as it is possible to have a more generous social safety net or open borders but not both.

Just to be sure I didn’t confuse WOLA with one of the many right wing human rights advocacy groups I x-rayed their Honorary Committee and found of the 37 politicians listed all were democrats (save one RINO — Tom Emmer) including huge leftists like Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman James P McGovern.

Call me crazy, but issuing 109,731 Regional Visitor Cards (Tarjetas de Visitante Regional) in less than a year to people who have entered your country illegally so they have adequate time to cross your Northern border into the US absolutely encourages illegal entry. What do you imagine is the ultimate purpose of those “orderly migration flows” from Guatemala and Belize?

If you spent less time deferring to the authority of goateed PhD’s who work for NGO’s and more time thinking for yourself you would actively oppose large-scale, low-skill immigration legal or not. We should increase immigration of educated people from advanced Western democracies who will assimilate into the culture and contribute economically and culturally. We can start with the wealthy ones and work our way down.

With the Somali’s we have taken the opposite approach by importing people with no education, no economic skills and no desire to become Americans. I KNOW most Somali’s are on public assistance because we have a ‘Somali town’ here compliments of the state department and I’ve been there on a work day; they can’t all be working from home. One study (since I know how you go for that sort of thing) found fewer than half of the working age population had been employed at any time in the previous 5 years.

You’ll have to ask Trump about that wall, my solution to the immigration problem starts with leveling serious penalties against employers who hire illegals. Remove the incentives to be here illegally including public assistance and they will stop risking their human rights to get here. No more anchor babies or sanctuary cities either unless we can all start picking and choosing which federal laws to follow.

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