I fucking hate it when men on Medium question my professional credentials.
Mirah Curzer

Not to worry Mirah, I would never mistake credentialed for educated as you so aptly demonstrated in your post about “Criminals and Mentally Ill People.” You confess to embracing your inner troll by baiting your perceived ideological adversary’s then mocking and deriding them in your responses but leap from there to concluding all negative reactions to your race baiting are because you’re a woman with “professional credentials.”
Like most liberals you like to think of yourself as intellectual and sophisticated but your worldview is simplistic and subjective. Your legal career apparently begins and ends with finding creative uses for the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. As you say it really is irrelevant but it does go a long way toward explaining why you see racists, sexists and homophobes lurking behind every facebook comment. 
A casual reader may be tempted to think your story about “Criminals and Mentally Ill People” describes two groups of people who should never have access to firearms but they would be wrong; as is too often the case in your world it’s all about race. “Violent criminal” is just a racist dog whistle for black people while white people who mass murder get off the hook with “mentally ill.”

What do you notice about four of the most famous mass murderers from the last 5 years?

All white males? How racist and sexist of you to notice. No, they’re all batshit crazy. 
One of the nice things about being a conservative is the freedom to call things by their proper names. I don’t have to pretend men and women are the same or the bigotry of David Duke and Al Sharpton is different. After demonstrating to Ms Curzer the sad statistical reality of how homicide, including gun homicides, is overwhelmingly committed by minority males especially African American males in urban neighborhoods she eventually played the race card followed by the customary ad hominem attacks. Her “reasonable alternative” to the problem of gun violence was never detailed and there is no smug moral superiority to be had in advocating for a crackdown on the actual criminals.

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