18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama
Allan Ishac

“Oddly enough the left’s culture war of hating white people has only made them more likely to vote for anyone other than the left….Lefties like to believe that they lost because the voters who picked the other side are bad people….But maybe they just don’t like being hated….the white man is the devil isn’t just the creed of the Nation of Islam. It’s also the core belief of the progressive left….People won’t vote for you if you hate them”

― Daniel Greenfield

EDIT: Well it takes some work to get blocked by someone who’s trolling you but that’s exactly what Alec Grossman (henceforth know as Weiner Dog) did after the exchanges below. If you can’t take the heat of strong differences of opinion run back to your safe space Weiner Dog.

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