This Is Not A Game
Alexander Goot

So you believe suicide-jihadis would rather have 82 NBA basketball games than 72 virgins? Try to have the power of your convictions; you want to make guns illegal because then nobody will get shot anymore (isn’t that how we stopped everybody from doing drugs?)

The San Bernardino hate crime couple had 1,400 rifle rounds, 200 pistol rounds and pipe bombs in their vehicle (we need pipe control.) They had even more weapons and explosives at their apartment suggesting a level of planning and preparation not consistent with a spontaneous act of “workplace violence.”

Apparently, and you can’t make this stuff up Farook and Malik met on the Hajj to Mecca in 2013. Mrs Hate Crime came to the US on a “fiancée visa” later becoming a permanent resident. Mr Hate Crime was in contact with people being investigated by the FBI for international terrorism. He was a devout Muslim who had recently grown a beard and decided to act on the Hadith’s encouragement to violence against infidels.

You blame a lack of gun control because this could never happen if “guns were accounted for” like in France where they had some of the strictest gun control laws in the world in place for years before suicide-jihadis turned Paris into the world’s largest outdoor shooting range massacring 129 people. You want to blame the AK-47’s but the real problem is a toxic ideology that incites its followers to hang homosexuals, keep women as sex slaves and slaughter non-believers.