An Open Letter to Progressive Gun Owners
Ladd Everitt

A dog, a deadbolt and an alarm, that’s the ticket.

Sorry, Ladd but you don’t get it. Guns are for fags and women and old people and anyone who wants to level the playing field against the sociopathic progeny of your beloved welfare state.

If you really believe we live in scary authoritarian times and the Trump administration is encouraging “2nd amendment people” to perpetrate violence against lefties then it’s grievously negligent to encourage them to disarm. It’s the moral equivalent of telling European Jewry in the 1930’s they won’t need guns to protect themselves from the Nazi’s.

But, of course, nobody behaves as if they were actually at risk because the only violence has been from Soros funded rent-a-goons and spoiled snowflakes playing weekend Antifa McResistance fighter. When was the last time a group of conservatives blocked a freeway, looted shops and burned down buildings?

You claim to be a pacifist while condoning violence for individuals and the mob. In your mind government guns are good but private guns are evil. You have a double standard for firearms differentiated by a concept called “The State” and it’s obvious you trust the state and not the people. But if the system is institutionally racist and regressive politicians run the government why would you want only agents of the state to have guns?

As a paid shill for the left wing hate group “One Pulse for America” I understand you get paid to troll social media sites with discredited and half-baked “studies” about the dangers of firearms. Ironically your “One Pulse” gun-grabber group was inspired by the massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando where an Islamist hater slaughtered 49 unarmed LGBTQ people. Apparently the enlightened progressive response was let’s disarm everybody? As if making good people helpless will make bad people harmless.

Yes, a gun is an effective means of ending your life, so why is the suicide rate significantly higher in heavily gun regulated countries like France (+14 percent) Finland (+22 percent) and Japan (+38 percent.) If suicide was legal and there was a pharmacological alternative available say the “No Mornings After” pill gun homicides in the US would go down dramatically.

A gun in the home is correlated with gun homicides the same way owning a car is correlated with traffic deaths. It’s a variable but not the most important one. There were 780 homicides in Chicago last year all of them NRA loving Trump voting 2nd amendment gun nuts like these:

Oops, looks like they were mostly young, male and black. Did a gun in the home double their risk of homicide?

Nationally there are approximately 8,000 gun homicides every year with half the victims being young African-American males in poor urban neighborhoods. Over 90 percent of the perpetrators were also young African-American males. I will believe pacifist gun-grabbers are serious about Stopping The Gun Violence when they start targeting the people doing all the killing.

I know it’s tremendously inconvenient to the progressive narrative that the problem isn’t with 50 year old white supremacists and their AR-15’s but anyone who does this for a living should be able to set aside his agenda and recognize the demographic realities.

If you want the gun homicide rate to drop dramatically start advocating for law enforcement to proactively target young, black males for stop-and-frisk in urban neighborhoods where all the shootings take place instead of pretending that the NRA getting pennies on a purchase is the problem.

btw, I was always more of a Malcolm X guy.

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”
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