What Centering The White Working Class Would Mean For Democrats
Marcus H. Johnson

Such a promising start; unlike their European brothers most of the American working class is not ready to go full dependency and vote for the party and candidates who promise a bigger welfare check. I know, I know, they’re voting against their self-interest but apparently they understand something more significant about self-respect and offering a role model for their children.

A disappointing conclusion; when people losing their jobs, families and dignity vote to throw the bums out their real concern is — wait for it — holding down the darkies? Gee, your world view wouldn’t happen to be anchored in identity politics?

Since 2009 democrats have lost 60 seats in the house, a dozen senators, a dozen governorships, nearly 1,000 state legislators and the White House so now more than ever they need to double down on the politically correct tenets of race, class and gender?

I’m sure 8 years is going to fly right by.

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