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The stated goal of the Southern Border Program to Improve Passage announced by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina was to make it easier for those trying to enter the US illegally from Guatemala and Belize crossing into and through Mexico. The program offered a “regional visitor card” good for 72 hours so they had adequate time to reach the US border by the trainload better protected and with emergency medical care if needed.
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The Washington Office On Latin America (WOLA) seems mostly concerned with the fact an increasing number of asylum seekers from the Northern triangle are being detained by Mexico instead of making it to the US where they will be fed, housed, educated and supported by the US taxpayer because, you know, the future belongs to third world peasants with no skills or education. WOLA is a leftist advocacy group that believes other people’s income is a natural resource like air, water and sunshine to be shared as they see fit.

Last year the State Department relocated over 1,000 Somali refugees to the city where I live; the overwhelming majority are on public assistance and will probably remain so for the remainder of their natural lives. There was no public referendum or discussion by our federal overlords about the suitability of the move, just fait accompli.

I’m curious why you believe open borders are a good thing for the US and how you think they can be compatible with a generous social safety net?

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