So it’s the exception and not the rule that matters?
Adam Wieneiski

There is no moral equivalence here Steven; on one side you have the rule of law and sworn law enforcement officers protecting the thin veneer of civilization. On the other side you have racism and anarchy. 
The recent riots in Milwaukee over the justifiable shooting of an armed black man with a lengthy arrest record by a black cop are instructive. Sylville Smith was fatally shot after he ran away after a traffic stop, then pointed a gun at the officer who was chasing him. There is body cam evidence and eyewitness accounts to substantiate the officer’s story but the “good people” of the BLM movement are apparently more interested in burning, looting and killing (pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon) than waiting for all the facts, let alone a proper investigation.

The fact is a LE officer is over 18 times more likely to be killed by an AA than an unarmed AA is to be killed by LE. I blame the ongoing leftist narrative of invisible white racism that blames all unequal racial outcomes on white society. Black racism and hatred of whites has never been more palpable than it is today as witnessed by the BLM inspired massacre of five policemen in Dallas.