Adam, unless you’ve got undiscovered 411 on Anthrotypes, making sophomoric disclaimers with…

When you need somebody to cut through opaque pretentiousness and condescension I’m your Huckleberry!

It should be obvious race is a social concept and not a biological one. On the genetic level people are 99.9 percent the same but you believe morality resides in a genome not possessed by people of pallor.

Apparently people of color killing other POC is invisible to your finely tuned moral radar or perhaps your history professors were like most leftist academics who glossed over entire eras in favor of criticizing the conquest of the America’s.

Imperial Japan demonstrated a level of savagery, brutality and racism in the second Sino-Japanese war nearly unmatched in the modern era (quality not quantity.) The Hutus murdered 800,000 Tutsis mostly by machete in the Rwandan genocide. The Muslim conquests put much of the known world to the sword from Spain to India compelling submission to Islam in an act of religious, social and economic oppression. The Huns were legendary for cruelty and hey, how about those Mongols?

Unfortunately, progressive identity politics substitutes skin color for virtue. Black people cannot be racists and white people must perpetually belittle themselves for the sins of the past as if everything they have was built on theft and oppression. 
The reality of our time is the social justice left has become the country’s single biggest impediment to improved race relations. Their obsession with reliving the traumatic past (see the SPLC) has become a form of psychological abuse that created a new generation of victims. They desperately cling to racism in a kind of stasis; unaware you can only end it by letting go and moving on.

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