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This is a challenge I’ve been facing recently and I wanted to write down my thoughts on how I’ve approached and overcome these types of problems as a product manager.

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First of all let’s quickly define what is a stakeholder and what’s not.

Essentially anyone who is not in the working team, or if you’re using Scrum, people who a NOT part of the Scrum team, are product stakeholders. They have a vested interest in the product, but they don’t directly work on the product day-to-day.

This could be people from different business units (e.g. the sales team, or the marketing team), this could be investors, or even your boss who doesn’t work directly on this product everyday. …

There’s been one thing which has stuck in my mind for almost the entirety of 2019.

At the Mind the Product Conference in Singapore in March earlier this year I was having a conversation with a good friend about how do you know when you’ve learnt how to be a good product manager?

Right now in my life do I consider that I know 80% of product management, or is it more like 50% (about half way there)? I think I have a pretty advanced knowledge by now. After 6 years experience as product manager I’ve learnt all of the techniques and methodologies (agile, lean, scrum, design sprints, etc), I’ve read all of the product management books and articles I can find, I’ve been to conferences all over the world, and I’ve watched all the YouTube videos. I’ve found myself product management mentors. …

Welcome to Life As We Grow It

Everybody has done remarkable things at some point in their lives, however, seemingly some people do them more often than others.

Is this just the way things are in the universe, or are there methods, tools and processes anyone can use to help themselves grow and succeed in personal life and professional life?

Are there particular habits certain successful people all do? How does the way we communicate with one another affect the way we personally grow in life?

These are the kind of things we’re going to explore through a series of articles, playbooks, methods and interviews. We’re going to deeply research challenging subjects and share our discoveries. …


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