Some Stuff I Tweeted about Twitter
Noah Brier

Thanks Noah. Great read — as usual.

You’re right, the ‘news makers’ do tend towards Twitter — but the interesting question to me is ‘Why’?

I wonder if the power and speed of the networks that make up the platform might be something that the market is currently undervaluing.

To control the spread of information is an asset that cannot be understated and this is where Twitter has a real strategic advantage. And one that may have been under-utilized since the beginning.

But how you monetize that… well, therein lies yet another problem.

I advertise on Google, Facebook and Twitter and the one thing I would note, that I believe also supports the market’s attitude to the latter, is that they have failed to keep pace with their competitors where new revenue streams are concerned. Their release of new (or even improved) products for advertisers is so much slower than Facebook.

That is not to suggest user growth shouldn’t be the priority, but they could do so much more to increase their share of ad dollars by refining their products.

Twitter straddles a unique place between, as you describe, influence-focused publications and truly mass media. There is no reason why this shouldn’t be a good place to be, but instead it seems they’re still struggling with a crisis of identity.

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