Why I’m not going to use Project Fi

It’s a tempting proposition, and I love Google. But to me there’s a fatal flaw, widely considered one of Project Fi’s major features: the data refund system.

I’m sure many of us have experienced the transition to paying for utilities (gas, electric, etc.) for the first time. You start being more likely to economize as you see the effect of your every usage. That’s a feeling I don’t want for my phone.

From what I understand about Project Fi, you’re refunded for any data you don’t use. That means that theoretically, if you don’t use a bit of your data in a given month, you get it all back. Therefore, you could say that you’re paying for every bit transferred.

With Fi’s system, I’d be directly paying for the funny video, tweet, or casual browsing over mobile data. With my current set up, I’m paying for access to those. Suddenly the regret of viewing clickbait is compounded. I wasted my time and I paid for it.

Yes I’m aware that in my current situation I paid for the data I use for the clickbait, but mentally, I didn’t pay for that specific action. It’s a small detail, but it’s kept me from switching despite all Project Fi has to offer.