Back in 2014, I was a student at Fullstack Academy, a coding bootcamp. The way these bootcamps usually work is, the first six week you have lectures and do exercises, and the last six weeks you apply what you’ve learned in personal and group projects. When it was time for us to do our group projects, we all got together in front of a white board and brainstormed ideas. There was a point in this brainstorming session where I spoke up and basically said “I think we’re going about this all wrong”.

People were trying to think of ideas that were cool. Y’know, the kind of thing that would make the front page of Hacker News. The kind of thing that you’d want to brag to your friends about. The kind of thing that people might actually want to use! …

Raw footage: http://www.nbahdreplay.com/nbareplay/43346/

I love basketball, but I always find myself frustrated when I watch it. I always think, “That was a terrible possession, what were they doing?”

But maybe that’s just because the bad possessions stand out to me more than the good and average ones do. So I wanted to actually go through some film, one possession at a time, and see how I would grade them.

Of course, the sample size of 25 plays isn’t too large. And the fact that it was the second game of the season for each team, and that each team is adjusting to new players may mean that it probably under-represents the actual quality of NBA possessions. On the other hand, the fact that it is the Celtics and Raptors might mean that it over-represents quality, as well as the fact that teams are excited and focused so early in the season, as opposed to being more monotonous in the middle. …

I just read something interesting on Mr. Money Mustache’s blog. A typical middle class family that brings home $50,000 in income and saves 10% of it can retire eight years earlier if they just get rid of cable TV and Starbucks. The question occurred to me:

It’s hard for me to imagine an answer of “yes”. Is TV really that good? Even if it is, there are just so many other forms of entertainment — books, music, internet, cards, sports, board games, friends, cooking, magic, comedy, outdoors stuff.

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