A social-media team needs both a fear and a joy of missing out

A social-media team needs meetings. But how do you make sure that gatherings are useful and not useless? And how do you cater to those people on your team who might prefer to be left alone?

I know this seems like a boring topic, but I’ve learnt that it’s the…

The force of the father figure

Who’s the daddy? He’s one of the hottest guys in porn, that’s who. If you look into the most popular gay porn categories online, ‘daddy’ is in the top three. Daddy is beaten, as it were, only by ‘black’ and ‘straight guys’. I think those are topics for another time.

Why are we attracted to some outsiders but turned off by others?

“A stranger. From the outside. Oooooo.”

We will never fully know what the aliens in Toy Story meant when they said this. They were trapped in an arcade grabber machine, and Buzz Lightyear had just climbed in.

The aliens respond to Buzz’s arrival with a fever, grasping for him with…

Adam Smith

Writer, talker, thinker and maker. Podcasting @ The Log Books and Karl’s Kaschemme.

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