15 phrases of Jack Ma, the second richest person in China.

Jack Ma, Fouder Alibaba

The founder of Alibaba is the second richest person in China. Why do you think that entrepreneurs and small businesses will become relevant globally. In his visit to Argentina he left some sentences to take into account.

1. “E-commerce in the United States is the dessert, China is the main dish. Every day, there are 200 million people who shop for Alibaba on cell phones.”
2. “For 18 years we never stopped trying, and we made a lot of mistakes. We keep making mistakes, but we do not lower our arms.”

3. “As an entrepreneur you have to understand something: today is very difficult, tomorrow is more difficult but two days later it will be wonderful.If you are an entrepreneur, you have to believe in the future.”
4. “It does not matter if you criticize or praise us, we believe in our dreams. And if we do not create success, someone else will create it.”

5. “We put the client first, the employee second, and the shareholder third.” It is the other way around on Wall Street, the client pays us, and the shareholders do not think they are going to stay. In the same boat all the life “.

6. “Do not expect technology to bring you good things, it brings many problems. In the next 30 years, attention must be paid to the technological revolution.”
7. “The first and second revolutions have to do with speed and muscle, the third is a competition of wisdom and knowledge. The user experience is key.”

8. “The only thing I regret in Argentina is that the internet connection is so expensive and slow. I had a great talk with the President this morning and we have to invest more, otherwise it is a lost generation.”

9. “Entrepreneurs see opportunities where there is a grievance, great leaders never complain, they are always optimistic about the future, and if there are complaints, see how to solve the problem.”

10. “The secret of Alibaba’s success is that we have more than 49% of women in jobs, and more than 39% of management positions are occupied by women.”

11. “I am very excited about what I see in Argentina The next wave is of happiness and health You are a country with healthy food and lots of water And football In a year, Alibaba sold 170 million Of Messi shirts. He, of course, did not notice. “
12. The financial system is designed for 20% of companies. With fintech, we will support 80% of consumers and small businesses that are not connected to the financial system. Banks will face great challenges in the future. “

13. “Computers are not forgotten, they do not get angry, they never get tired. Computers are going to get us a lot of jobs.”

14. “The world changes from IT to DT, to data technology. It is not IT improvement, it has to do with cloud computing, data and artificial intelligence. Will be to know how to gather that data, how to process it, use it, take advantage of it.

15. “In 30 years, the CEO of Time magazine will be a robot. A CEO has to gather data, he’s not like today’s CEO.”