Your search experience could be great on the app.
Fabien Cazals

Good question! and thanks for checking out the article. Well, you’re right, the interface would probably need a user cue for that action…or would they? :) Let’s take the Pinterest app for instance, one of my favorites. When they redesigned their mobile app a short while ago, Pinterest hid the “Pin” button within the displayed photo. Not sure if you’ve used the app but, you now have to press and hold the photograph to get perform an action like “Pin”, “Like”, or “Share”.

The new design wasn’t innately intuitive but with a small initial tutorial, I was forming a new habit in seconds. So I wonder if the same technique could be applied.

I don’t want to change a user’s behavior per se but slightly introduce a potentially, easier approach that is a trigger evolving a user’s habits. They want to perform an action, how can we make it easier?


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