Practicing happiness to boost your success

Our happiness depends upon our success. If we are internally satisfied we will automatically be happy. If we are not satisfied we will not be happy at any cost. Try to learn be positive. Our actions depend upon our thoughts. It is a saying:

“We never live a positive life with a negative mind”

So, it’s true that if a person have negative mind cannot live a positive life. Here, I am going to tell you about my personal story.

Depression Period:

In my Fsc I work very hard. I was a hardworking and passionate student. But unfortunately, I also faced health issues during my Fsc. But, I never lose hope. I fought with my health issues and work harder and harder. Even I was in pain but still open the book and study day and night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get admission in medical and my health was very poor at that time I was so weak as I took too much stress at that time and doctor advised me to skip studies for some time. So, I wasted one year of my study. That year was too much pathetic for me. At that time I was fighting with myself, negative thoughts surrounded my mind. I was blaming myself I was blaming my luck. I consider myself unlucky. My fellows started their graduation and I was at home under treatment.


But, in that year despite fighting with myself I learn many things. I learn that if I want to be happy I will happy. If I want to be sad than I will sad. So, it’s up to me. Then at that time I realize I will be happy if I think all the positive and good things life give to me. Life gave me many things on which I will be very grateful. Ups and downs are a part of life.

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