Sharing with fellows

Sharing teach us to take care of others.

Sharing is the fundamental key to development of all human relationship. Our parents and teacher always teach us to share things with friends and others. In the age of toddler we learn the concept of sharing. When we share our things with others it bring joy and happiness for us.

Not only does sharing bring us joy, It teach us the taking care if the others. we learn that we always share our things and our experience with our friends that they get information from us. Sharing does not only means to share only things it means to share our knowledge and experience with our fellows.

We should share important things with our fellow that they get benefit from it and make it easier for us.

I share some important tips with our fellow

. Do internship before pursuing high degree

. Don;t do PhD if you want to entrepreneur

. Spend at least one year at your first job

. Put your time in

. Don’t talk badly about your boss and company

After sharing these tips with my friend they get more information to start our career. She is almost agree with these tips and appreciate me for this effective information. She said that this tips made me more informative for my prospective goals.