“The Power of An Idea” by J.A.Duruachazie

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Ideas are powerful phenomenal & real..

flowing like a force of nature, Ideas emerges from fragments of thoughts, which is the basic function of man, to create a connection beyond the simple need to grow beyond self, by walking up the stairs of concepts, and emerging ahead of accomplishments.

Ideas are developed in consciousness, a solid idea is the foundation. of the world’s structure and the performance of a virtuous idea creates changes. that contributes to the evolution process. The kind of ideas we come up with depends on our perspective, to stay original, we should come up with new ideas and express those ideas into the wider world without doubt, incomprehension and opposition. The most revolutionary attribute. of an original idea is that it takes you from the stereotyped dimension you are in to an extraordinary dimension. Ideas are originally thoughts before they are turned into reality, they evolve with time.

The power of an idea is in its development and ability to grow and flow in a creative mental structure. Ideas are meant to be expressed, nurtured, shared, and enjoyed. An idea gains value when you take action to bring it to life. We work towards being successful. in. our perspectives and create our thoughts into reality.

We make unquestionable moves, as the world’s greatest achievers stay focused on their vision and are consistent in their efforts, they value ideas and make it happen.

Being conscious is enough to function properly by cultivating the habit of thinking accordingly & expressing appropriately. We should be open, committed and competent to new ideas and concepts. For ideas, as thinking and committing is one aspect, starting is another. Ideas serve a purpose in evolution of mankind, they bring clarity to creativity.




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J. A. Duruachazie

J. A. Duruachazie

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