PATRON Doge DAF: The legendary Dogs that save human lives.


Patron doge is a platform that allows users to own their data instead of letting it be owned by third parties. Users can create and manage various contracts on the Patron doge network which enables them to exchange value with other users and organizations, while being able to verify the authenticity of all such transactions.

It is not the first time that has been invented the idea of a decentralized system, but with the publication of the article in the Medium, it seems that it might be the first time that the idea is presented in a concrete way. The article is well-written and helps explain the essence of the idea. Using the system, the author hopes to attract funding for the project through the creation of his own coin: however, the question remains about how this will affect the general system, in terms of scalability.

The author proposes to use the system as an alternative to the DAO.


Patron doge autonomous community with legendary dogs saving human lives. We will create a doge community, with the aim of being the first autonomous community wallet, where we will manage our own dogecoin issues, with the goal of eventually becoming the world’s first autonomous community and help the most deserving causes.

Patron is a dogecoin powered community. Our vision is to create a blockchain-based ecosystem that utilises the power of dogecoins and uses it for good. We plan on making this community as strong as possible by rewarding our active members, doing projects/assignments, having fun together and also in helping people who need help with anything that they might be struggling with.


Patron is a cryptocurrency that incentivizes its users to spread the word about the project. They are building a community with the goal of developing a cryptocurrency that everyone can understand. Patron intends to turn people into advocates for the project by rewarding them for the mentions of Patron on social media.

PATRON Coin is a tokenized membership reward program that allows the community to participate in the monitoring of all PATRON Doges, save human lives and earn rewards. Patron is a community of doges, whose heroic work is saving human lives in need.

Community-based dogecoin meme market place - A crowd based market place utilizing dogecoin and smart contracts. The platform also features meme creator tools, meme registrator and token exchange. A community for doge lovers who love the coin. Made for doge lovers by doge lovers. BEP-20 compliant, dogecoin and litecoin compatible.


The first time we heard about the dogecoin community was when news broke that a dogecoin community raised more than $30,000 to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. This was an amazing act of generosity that showed the heart of the dogecoin community, and we were amazed when we saw this story pop up in so many different places. After that, we learned more about dogecoin and how it has become a very important part of the cryptocurrency community. We hope you enjoyed our article about the dogecoin community!



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