Ok. Let’s think here.

I recently read about a politician pushing for a fine on guys who masterbate! One guy (Allen M.) gave a quaisy science micro rant. I responded

(Allen M.)

Here is a biology lesson an egg fertilized by sperm creates life. Without egg sperm is nothing. Scientifically this is an absurd thought and statement. A living Fetus within a women’s womb is without question a life, comparing equally to masturbation is baffling to me.


Can it survive unassisted? If it can’t then it is a parisite. Until it develops far enough to survive it is not a lifeform. It is a bunch of cells trying to be alive. Like a cancer or tumor. A virus exhibits similar traits. Science still says it isn’t a lifeform. Respect for potentially and religious issues are what the pro-life debate is about. It should be about the right of doctor/patent confidentiality and one’s rights in regards to their own body. Of course. That would ignore the religious issue.

Ok. So I reacted. But still. Come on. The medical rights of an individual are supposed to be protected by the HIPPA act. So why is it that a woman’s medical rights are purview to public opinion? Men’s rights aren’t. A man can get tucked, nipped, modded and or sniped without anything being said. At any age. A woman isn’t allowed to get fixed until she is in her thirties. If she doesn’t have at least three kids she is told things like “ What if you change your mind? I’m (the doctor) just not comfortable limiting your decisions.” “It’s against my religion to perform this procedure”( Both were from three different OBGYN) and always a favorite “ What if one of your kids dies and you want to replace it?” . Yep. I am the one who was told this crap. By multiple providers as well as WOMEN I knew. Men with long beards tell me that a woman’s decision should be up to the father of the unborn child. (Even if he raped her?) They tell me yes. Even if she was raped.

Tell me gentlemen. If it was YOUR body. Wouldn’t you want to be the one to decide? It is a decision that has a 50%+ chance (for some much greater) of DEATH. We women have this explained to us when we become pregnant the first time.

Even in our advanced society. Women are still held back from carrerr advancement if they have a baby. Because they ‘aren’t stable’. While men are ADVANCED on the same criteria. Many are quitely 'let go' for becoming pregnant. Even when they are married and thus should have support from a spouse. Yet a man can get a raise for knocking up a 'dame' or two in one night stands, to help him pay a pittince of child support. What is so important about upholding such discrimination? I know guys who actually think gender discrimination doesn’t exist. Yet it’s in the law. Our culture allows it

Like the guy who was told, in interview, I had two kids to support and I was a single mom. I even had my kids listed on my application. He told me that a guy who just got a girlfriend was getting the job. Because the man had someone to support. He said that I was a pretty young girl and would have no problem finding a man to take care of me.

How about we stop seeking to increase division in our culture? Look at the guys that don’t believe it still happens. If you have your hands full, they’ll open the door. Yet if they’re hands are full, they expect me to open the door. If you need help building something, they ask what you want them to do. They expect the same respect for their projects. They give and expect to get a chance to prove capibility. That is how they are. I know women like that too. Shouldn’t we all look to people like that for role models? Instead of wallering on the floor like pigs in a sty?

Give women the same rights over our bodies as men have over thiers. Stop treating us like little kids who are unable to make informed decisions. And stop forcing us to wait 24 hours (Texas) to get an abortion. After that we are screened for mental stability and compentancy BEFORE we are allowed to proceed. Do you have any idea how demeaning that is? Do you know of ANY male medical procedure that has this requirement, by law?

So a conservative politician is pushing a law that is invasive to men’s rights. No I don’t think it should pass. It is obviously not a serious law she’s trying to pass. But ya gotta admit. It is a funny way of getting to the core of the issue. If we aren’t going to mess over men’s equal rights to masterbation, to thier reproductive rights, why are we doing it to women’s rights to choose what to do, or not do, to our bodies? To our reproductive rights?

Think. Take away ONE right from another. You will open the door to sweep away all rights, of all people. One by one. Even yours.