How COVID-19 changed university life in Korea: Before & Now

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Like everywhere, Corona Virus has affected the whole education system. The winter break didn’t end till April and even after the semester had started, the schools were on and off, ending up doing online classes for the most of semester. It was a chaos and it still is. Some even said we should just skip the year and start all over the year after, hoping that things would get better in 2021. Though it made sense at some point, but wasn’t the option here.

In this section we will be giving background details on what university life actually means to most of students, how this has changed and how it has affected students’ university lifestyles. …


What you will be facing or have faced in local restaurants

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Every country has their own eating culture. It’s almost natural for everyone that you are extra careful or nervous when first visiting local restaurants in totally different culture, wondering you might be acting impolite in local terms. We’ve seen many friends who are not Koreans don’t know how to order, thinking that calling out a person could be rude or don’t know where to find water or tableware and so on. There are many eating out custom that are so obvious for locals that no one tells you. …


4 Biggest and Most-Visited Old Towns

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When you take a quick look of Seoul, the city may seem to put a lot of emphasis on its urban and modern looks, but there are handful of significant old towns from place to place. Seoul was never the size of this back in the time, as we have entered to the modern era, more and more people settled in Seoul, thereby making the size it is now. Since the old Seoul was a lot smaller, the old town stands near to each other and clustering around palace area.

Remaining 4 old-town neighborhoods…


Upload Preowned Items & Get FREE Gift Coupons (2020.05.25–06.30)

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ADAPKO is a localized BUY & SELL app, started servicing as of 2020 May. It’s the first buy & sell app to provide in-app translation, including English, Chinese and Korean.


The First APP to provide IN-APP TRANSLATION

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What is ADAPKO

ADAPKO is a location base buy & sell app supporting in-app translation, currently servicing its Beta Version.

Expatriates or anyone who are not familiar with Korean language face language barrier daily. Especially when it gets to using local apps, you need to put extra efforts due to complicated verification process and not supporting any other languages other than Korean and some end up giving up using those apps. To help overcome this barrier, we have launched ADAPKO starting this May with in-app translation function and simplified signing-up process. …

From moving-in process to after moving-in process.

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The last but not the least, this very last section of renting guide will introduce typical moving-in methods and what to do after moving-in which relates what administrative measures you need to do and what are your rights as a tenant. So don’t loosen up your mind till the last! The information will surely help with the circumstances you are about to face as a freshly new tenant.

The following contents are:

How to move in

  • Hiring moving agency
  • delivery truck / driver
  • Doing it yourself

What to do after moving in

  • Reporting the change in…

From checking potential rents to signing the contract.

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On this part of renting guide, we will take more closer look in during renting process from what to check when visiting potential rooms to what to consider when signing the contract.

Contents are followed by:

  1. What to check when visiting the potential rents
  • On the way
  • Room conditions

2. What to consider when signing the contract

  • Required Documents
  • Factors to be checked out
  • Ways of protecting deposit
  • Leasing procedures

Let’s dive in!

What to check when visiting the potential rents

From finding rents to moving in.

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This renting guide is for anyone who’s looking for housing in Korea. If you are having trouble finding rent or don’t know how to start, this guide will help you sort out all matters from A to Z. The guide is separated in to three section by timeline; things to know before finding rents, when finding rents and after moving in. This is the full concierge of rents in Korea, so don’t miss out!

The following contents are:

  1. What you need to know before looking for rents
  2. How to look for rents
  3. What to check when visiting potential…

The complete guide to making bank accounts in Korea

In this post, you are going to be fully master how to make bank accounts in Korea, you wouldn’t even need to search for more information. All the possible process regarding bank accounts, required documents and what to be aware of are all listed up here.

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If you are to relocate, study or for whatever reason you are to stay in Korea for more than 6 month, you are going to need a bank account. As we know from our life long experience, the banking job always involves complication and time. …

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I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY annoying to get documents done in foreign country.

Well, it turns out, Korea isn’t different, getting the visa done wasn’t the final step.

In fact, there’s one more necessary document that needed to be done: ‘the ARC’.

Here, we’ve organized simple actionable way to get ARC done, with this guide, your annoyance of getting the documents done will loosen up completely.

Let’s check it out!

Following contents are:

What is ARC

How to make ARC: Required Documents & Registering Procedures

How to Renew or Reissue ARC

What is ARC


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