ASUS ADP-45AW Laptop AC Adapter — What to Do If It Stops Working?

Your Asus Laptop Adapter, similar to any other laptop adapter out there, is sure to stop working at some time or the other. But it is always important to find out the cause of the malfunctioning on your own before calling up a serviceman. There can be various causes of a non-functioning ASUS ADP-45AW Laptop AC Adapter, such as aging of the charger, excessive bending of the wire, too high or low temperatures etc. If you find that your charger has ceased functioning, you need to do the following.
Check the connector
A loose connector can be the main cause of the laptop not getting powered. You should ensure that the connector has been inserted properly. Also check the Asus Laptop Adapter box. Generally, there is an LED light in Asus Laptop Charger which gets powered on when the laptop receives power supply from the AC outlet that it has been plugged into. In case the light is off, your laptop is not drawing any power.
Check the electrical outlet
You should look at the electrical outlet once you have checked the connectors of the ASUS ADP-45AW Laptop AC Adapterand made sure that they are working properly. A defective power outlet can be the cause of the device not getting enough power. You can solve the problem by changing the sockets. Check the jack of your Laptop Charger for Asusand make sure that it fits in properly. In case the adapter fits in only at a bent angle, a broken jack could be the problem.
Find out whether the cable is bent
You should also check whether or not the cable of the ADP-45AW Laptop AC Adapters bent. A bent wire is unlikely to get you the power that is needed, just like a pinched or bent garden hose does not let water come through it. Also check whether there is a knot anywhere in the wire. If there is, untangle it and straighten the wire before checking whether the laptop is being able to draw power now.
Check whether there is any interruption
You should also ensure that there is nothing like a book, laptop bag, chair that is pinching the ASUS ADP-45AW Charger cable and interrupting the power supply. In case there is nothing of that sort, you should check the wire itself. Often, bending of the cable during storage makes them exposed. Such kind of exposure may lead to a malfunctioning adapter.
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