Throw cushions — the icing on a cake!

With festivities around the corner,we could all do with some interior inspiration don’t you think?How do we bring out the sparkle and warmth into our houses this season?As a designer I can tell you its those tiny details or accents that could make a huge difference to a rather ordinary decor.Your best bet in this department are throw cushions,to introduce color,texture and identity to a space.They are the most easiest and affordable way to change the look of the room and making it yours!

Image courtesy — Good Earth India

5 things to look for while shopping for throw cushions :)

  1. Variety-While mixing different cushions,change the scale of pattern i.e. small intricate patterns with large patterns or a solid color.The contrast will complement the patterns resulting in them standing out individually.You could do the same with sizes & colors.
  2. Volume-If you want a lot of decorative cushions use a limited palette so it doesn't overwhelm the room.Odd number of cushions are more visually appealing.You can try ending it with an odd shape.
  3. Zippers! It’s essential to have them so that you can swap them according to your mood or the season.It also saves you from having to store these bulky items.
  4. Purity-Cushions in their natural materials always stand out.Silk works at all times of the year and is glamorous,although its not the most comfortable to lounge on.Cotton is great to relax on and enjoy at home.If you wish to add texture leather cushions are definitely an option which I totally adore!
  5. State-of-the-art-TRENDS!! I know its not something everyone gets or wants to hear,but I really love trends.They pull me out of my comfort zone and put pressure to try something new which I wouldn’t have ventured otherwise!Like adding a certain color or motif or texture to the space.Soft furnishings are the simplest and budget friendly way to experiment,especially with cushions.

I should have mentioned this right in the beginning,but it’s like stating the obvious.You need to love it! Even something as mundane as a cushion feel the excitement and have some fun while shopping!!

Image Courtesy — Chumbak
Image Courtesy —
Image Courtesy — Good Earth India

Do you look for anything in specific when you shop for cushions?Would you add them to liven up your space?Hell-no or Hello to throw cushions?!?