Announcing the first Service Experience Intensive!

Make it effortless. Move customers through a journey. Create an ecosystem. Disrupt the business. Be innovative.When you hear wishful phrases like these popping up in meetings, it’s high time to equip your organization with the necessary new skills and methods so you and your team can be the ones to make it happen.

Multi-channel service experiences are trending but they are often complex to design and deliver. Service design is how we make it all happen — the shared skillset we need to have in order to make these experiences real for our customers. Service design connects siloed teams and disparate touchpoints to create ecosystems of solutions. The result? Changing business-as-usual by engaging new strategic opportunities.

Learn With Us!

We’re excited to announce our new intensive workshop series — the Service Experience (SX) Intensive. Join us this September 27–29 in Austin, TX.

Sharing what we know is part of our DNA. Through our (always) hands-on workshops, you and your teams will gain tools that address the challenges you face from strategy through implementation. SX Intensive builds on our history of leading the conversation in design and training future design leaders around the world.

Capital One has the largest in-house service design team* (*= that we know of). Over three days our experts from Adaptive Path at Capital One will guide you through the same skills and methods we use and share with our partners:

  1. Delivering compelling experiences to customers
  2. Supporting the cross-functional teams that are required to create service experiences
  3. Framing how businesses interact with their customers to create value for both

That means getting hands on with service design methods like experience mapping, service blueprinting and evolution planning. And if that’s not enough, we’ll equip you with techniques from emerging practices like machine learning and strategic foresight that are shaping the future of service design.

A Turning Point

Over the past 10 years we’ve trained hundreds of people through UX Intensive, our hands-on workshop we’ve taken around the world, often resulting in career changes for our attendees, launching new design studios, and the formation of informal professional networks of like-minded people working to bring User Experience into their organizations. (Seriously, when we wrap a workshop people don’t want to leave, so we take them to the local bar to keep that community feel going and offer up ideas for what’s next.)

We’ve taken this same highly-tuned format for learning and community-building and integrated it into how we internally train design, technology and product stakeholders at Capital One on creating great service experiences. And we want to share that with you.

Bring Your Team

We highly recommend bringing your teams across design, technology and product to experience the full value of service design. For individuals coming to the Service Experience Intensive, it is our aim to give you the know-how to practice service design, plus all the tools to help you conduct and scale these approaches within your teams.

Join us at the Service Experience Intensive in Austin, TX, September 27–29 to learn how to create and scale stellar service experiences. As organizations transform and customer expectations change better service experiences will be critical to have at our fingertips.

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