I am a Project Manager should I get CBAP certified?

I am a Project Manager should I get CBAP certified?

This is a question or doubt that arises in many professionals mind, during the course of their professional career.

And we come across this question very often, either as a doubt of why should I go for CBAP certification when I am a PMP certified professional or a project manager with 10+ years of experience or as seeking an advice how will CBAP certification add value to me given my back ground of Project management.

My suggestion would be yes, the reasons are as below:

  • With changing market scenario its always better to upskill and not get confined to a particular skill or role
  • With more and more automation coming to play and tools performing most of the PM tasks the Business Analyst and Project Management roles are getting merged
  • As one makes career progress in professional life the need for having diversified and multiple skills becomes more evident.We may need to learn human resource practices, finance and accounting, legal and marketing. And the one with multiple skills and certifications become the obvious choice for the leadership role.
  • The good part is having the project management experience will definitely be a big advantage to have a well-rounded career profile with business analysis skills added to it.
  • The other good part is lots of corporates recognize Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation as part of their competency framework as well.
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification coming from IIBA, Canada which is the undisputable leader in this segment has excellent recognition in North America, Canada, Australia and all other major geographies.
  • Hence getting geared to train and get certified for CBAP is one of the wisest career move for a professional having project management skills and looking up to move higher in the career to a leadership position.

Having business analysis skills and being a CBAP will provide you an extra armor to fight in a volatile and uncertain world.

We have helped close to 300 professionals in realizing their CBAP dream and can help you with this journey of yours.

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