Person:i dont mind to spend time to talk to you about your problems if you like.

Me:I don’t think that’s a good idea, I’m kinda a mess.

Person:if it makes you happy it will make me happy i promise!

Me:I called the cops on my mom yesterday…

Person:now why would ya do that?

Me:She was driving under the influence with my siblings in the car, my little sister and brother both ran inside the house crying to me. My little sister said that my mom was being abusive to her. My mom has been abusive before so I called the cops because I didn’t want my siblings to see my mom in the state that she was in because I knew she was dangerous.

Person:aw im so so sorry to hear that if i was there id give you a hug.

Me:don’t feel sorry for me please, I hate that word “sorry” it makes me sick.

Person:my bad I didn’t mean to say something you don’t like.

Me:it’s okay, it’s just I don’t know. I feel so empty inside all of the sudden, just yesterday was the best day of my life…

(Stops texting)

I get up to walk to my bedroom…

Just yesterday was the best day of my life…

I left at 2pm… me and my mom were fighting about me seeing my boyfriend because I haven’t seen him for a year. Eventually she allowed me to leave. I remember waiting then he was there, I remember crying. Then today he acts different, he pulls the no eating card. It’s starting to worry me now, my family is on the verge of poverty and my boyfriend is going to die at an early age…or so he keeps saying. School starts in three days I feel so unprepared, I haven’t even gotten a tour of the school. I don’t know where my classes are. I failed elementary school and Jr.High. High school is my only chance. I want to be an art major I want to be so much more. All this pressure, a perfect home a perfect life… things are different behind closed doors. You can’t turn your back…

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