The Electroneum crowdsale already start. With an impressive $390K for the first hour it opens. And for the first day it already raised 1,391 ETH and 74 BTC.

Electroneum Token Sale Statistics

Token Sale Bonus Structure

How to participate in the ICO?

1.) Go to https://my.electroneum.com and sign up.

2.) If you want to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum using fiat you must follow this instructions.

Kraken Setup Guide or Gemini Setup Guide

2.) Login to https://my.electroneum.com then select the currency Bitcoin or Ethereum. (I’ll choose Bitcoin in this guide)

3.) Enter the amount you would like to purchase then click the “BUY ELECTRONEUM WITH BITCOIN”.

4.) Then you can now transfer the amount you’ve entered to the QR-code or the wallet address they’ve provided. Once the transfer is done you can now click the “TRANSFER CONFIRMED” button.

5.) After the confirmation usually within a minute, you can now see the ETN you’ve purchased and the amount you’ve deposit in the dashboard. You can also see all your transactions at the Transactions section.

And that’s it, you can transfer the ETN you’ve purchased after the ICO and don’t worry about your funds because the blockchain will go live after the ICO October 31, 2017. And when the blockchain starts you can now secure your funds in the unhackable offline paper wallet.

For more info visit the links:

Electroneum website — https://electroneum.com

Facebook — https://facebook.com/electroneum

Twitter — https://twitter.com/electroneum

Telegram Group — https://t.me/joinchat/DxoSakHOdk5mqsE-LelfVg

Bitcointalk ANN thread — http://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2065043.0

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