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WEBSITE ICO: https://opporty.com/ico/


Opporty.com is a service-focused, on-demand marketplace platform that offers unique lead generation and marketing opportunities to small and mid-sized companies, targeting B2B and B2C sectors. The platform’s key advantages include:
Low initial costs Exposure to targeted audiences 
Rewards system that incentivizes users to contribute content to Opporty’s knowledge-sharing system

A Platform for Contractors and Freelancers

Independent contractors and freelancers are hardly an unusual sight today. Basically, every company has hired a contractor or freelancer at least once. Here is where Opporty shines.

The platform connects contractors and freelancers with business owners who are willing to pay for their services. If any company looks for experienced employees, Opporty will be a perfect platform to register to find them.

Freelancers can rely on Opporty’s user-friendly environment as well. While finding a good job as freelancer is fairly difficult today, Opporty can help. It allows freelancers to get recognized for their amazing work and receive a continuous stream of well-paid orders.

The human network is the main ingredient that gives businesses a perspective for the future. Opporty.com, an innovative startup from NYC, has positioned its business model to make the most out of the “human network” principle.


Escrow protection: guarantee of high quality services with the ability to sell without a well established reputation

Escrow voting board: industry experts can join Opporty’s selected team of judges to increase exposure and awareness about their brands

Blockchain technology: support of strong smart contracts that cannot be altered or prohibited in court after execution

Use of Opporty cryptocurrency: users are allowed to purchase services with either fiat currency or tokens (or to convert tokens into real money)

Cryptocurrency buybacks: The Opporty team establishes a system of regular buybacks to support the value of issued tokens and acknowledge the efforts of the most active members of the Opporty community

Opporty’s unique advantages become possible due to a unique ecosystem that combines a user-friendly marketplace with the power of blockchain. Opporty users can submit requests, create offers, leave responses, and contribute knowledge-sharing content in the most convenient, digitized manner.

All above-mentioned functionality is based on the newest platform that has been built with passion and strong attention to details. Thus, it works smoothly and allows high-end interaction with site and its features.


Opporty’s knowledge-sharing system consists of two major components: our blog and our Q&A platform.

Opporty’s blog ensures that every user is allowed to share their ideas and experiences, educating other Opporty members. Users — be they companies, service providers or regular users — can launch their own blogs to contribute content, giving them the opportunity to expose themselves to the community, establish themselves as experts, and earn Opporty tokens.

All activities on Opporty’s blog are rewarded with tokens. Whether users post in-depth articles or leave useful comments, they are rewarded with cryptocurrency. Tokens are utilized to upgrade accounts, purchase offers and responses, and pay for provided services.

The highest-rated contributors become eligible to participate in the team of Opporty experts. By becoming Escrow judges, they collaborate to establish rules for conducting a particular business, and to create terms and standards for providing particular services, backed by smart contracts.

Regularly contributing content to the blog is the shortest path to gaining a solid reputation within the community and finding new clients on Opporty. Opporty’s Q&A platform aims to meet the needs of users who want to find answers to specific, niche-focused questions.

Every Opporty user is in a position to post questions and provide replies to these questions. Replies are rewarded with tokens. Replies are curated and monitored by Opporty’s team of niche experts. They may comment on replies or delete them entirely if they do not comply with Opporty terms of use, or if they provide misleading information.https://opporty.com/ico/uploads/white-paper.pdf

Opporty for Businesses

Resource: https://opporty.com/
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Opporty is the best marketplace for small- and midsize companies. 
Using Opporty, you can: 
offer your products and services directly to interested prospects; 
list products and services (with detailed descriptions);
 cater to local customers (if the location is specified); 
publish requests for products and services offered by other Opporty members; contact freelancers and individual contractors; search for employees;
 leave reviews and provide references to other Opporty members.

Opporty for Individuals

Opporty is a perfect platform for individuals interested in cooperating with businesses. It is sleek, smooth, and easy to use and navigate.
 Casual users will find Opporty helpful in searching for specific products and services. 
They can either select the best option available or publish a request, describing what product or service they are craving for. In no time at all, they will receive multiple responses.
 All they need now is to choose the response they like best. Opporty is also a worthwhile platform for freelancers and contractors.
 On Opporty they can offer their services any day of the week. Just submit an offer and receive responses from businesses or other Opporty members. Then, just choose the best offer. It is easy as that.

Competitive Advantages CRYPTOCURRENCY & ICO

Opporty cryptocurrency is powered by Ethereum. Tokens can be used in multiple ways — to purchase Opporty services, pay for advertising space, sign protected smart contracts, and more.

Users can use tokens to buy and sell, or they can exchange tokens into fiat currency Cryptocurrency provides the backbone for smart contracts, which are used to organize the Escrow voting board, vote for standardized procedures, and sign protected contracts without any risk of third-party intrusion or influence.

Opporty tokens are protected from devaluation and volatility. The Opporty team will run regular currency buybacks to ensure that users receive fiat currency for their investment. Opporty tokens can also be exchanged into other cryptocurrencies. The team envisionages Opporty tokens as a go-to currency for small businesses. It will be supported by the cost of Opporty’s services, and the ability to purchase services with tokens and buybacks.

Should users abstain from using cryptocurrency, they will be able to pay with fiat. However, they will be encouraged to choose tokens, since bounty for rewarding activities is issued in cryptocurrency.

blockchain-powered decentralized Escrow

offering blockchain-powered smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system, Opporty puts client-contractor relations on the blockchain.

The platform, with the help of its Expert community, ensures transparency and security, standardizes procedures, and creates an environment of cooperation that instills trust between parties.

Escrow procedure is an integral part of Opporty’s secure, business-friendly ecosystem. Through the use of Escrow, 
companies and regular users who opt for smart contracts are protected from service providers who fail to fulfil contract terms. 
Escrow will be introduced in two steps:
 • While the community of experts is limited, Opporty admins will reach out to influencers and industry gurus and encourage them to become Escrow judges 
• As the Opporty platform grows, the team will empower users to become and vote for Escrow judges on their own


Opporty offers both companies in need of services and service providers a way to find each other efficiently and solve their marketing-related problems. Utilizing the best features of lead-gen platforms, Opporty elevates their business model to a new level.

Service providers face challenges in building a solid base of customers. If they fail to attract prospects, convert them into leads, and close them as customers, they will be suffer adverse financial issues and eventually go out of business. Creating a conversion funnel takes an enormous amount of effort and skill:

  1. Launching and running a business is an uphill struggle. It takes only a few hours to register a company, but learning to manage it is a complex task. Business owners have to coin a business model, implement management procedures, and approach the market from a digital marketing perspective.
  2. Exposing a business and its services to the community is complex. A business owner must engage in networking (contact influencers, participate in events, etc.) and reach out to respected media (send pitches and produce lots of content). Unless they manage to get their businesses noticed, they will fail to appeal to prospects.
  3. Reaching the target audience takes time (assuming limited funds to run paid ad campaigns). Appealing to prospects is problematic. Consumers have multiple service providers to choose from, and business owners have to catch their attention through SEO, content, authority management, and other means.
  4. Conversions are not guaranteed. Although small businesses might succeed in driving users and leads, chances are they will fail to convert them. Cost-efficient conversions are hard to master, as this process entirely depends on a business’s ability to produce content, drive users to landing pages, and demonstrate a prospect’s importance to the bottom line.


The goal of the Opporty project is to build a decentralized platform governed by a community of Experts. One of the most important instruments in realizing this goal is the sharing of profits with the community. Our distribution is as follows:
 • 40% — goes back to the community in the form of commissions and other rewards 
• 40% — goes directly into growth: as incentives to promoters, in the form of cashbacks for clients and advertising 
• 20% — goes to project development and Team rewards

Token Sale Structure

General provisions

Tokens based on Ethereum
 Structure is preset by the Opporty team (Chapters — Subchapters — Offers) Reputation stored in the Opporty’s database Commission is calculated in the database and paid to the Community monthly

ANN THREAD:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2172536
BOUNTY THREAD:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2189721

WEBSITE ICO: https://opporty.com/ico/


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