Remote Work Doesn’t Scale … or Does It?
Adam Schwartz

Having worked over 70% of my career in remote/part-remote environments (ironically, all the tools I created included one element or another of team collaboration as an end objective), I’ve always found that I am more productive, time effective and overall happier working remotely. I am only talking here from the perspective of the software industry remote work feasibility. I managed large teams up to 100 people from remote locations. It comes with a lot of self-responsibility and trust in all parties involved, a flexible mindset and the willingness to achieve as an individual and as a team. Honestly, this is nothing different than being located in the same office. Remote working is not for control freaks!

I totally agree that the future is about distributed remote work for a lot of job types and it is possible and realistic— how to overcome the fear of the management that loses control over people remains a question that can only be answered through a change in how we educate people. When the educational system will include classes about real self-responsibility and common sense, building trust and maintaining it, remote work will truly become mainstream.

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