How was it turning 20?

First of all, I was never the type of guy to have a party or invite friends over to celebrate my birthday. But celebrating with the person you love is something else. It’s adorable. It’s the best feeling.

The 2nd August, this is the day of my birthday. I always take that day a normal one but this year, something exciting came up!

I was at a hotel 1 month ago, and the guy at the reception desk said the hotel can organise something for my birthday after checking out the DOB on both of our IDs. (Mine is the 2nd and hers is the 18th)

We finally booked a room 2 days before because we knew nothing was ever gonna happen the 2nd. One of the receptionists called me (a dear friend of ours) saying to mail the manager of the hotel so he can organise a birthday party for me. I mailed him that I wanted to celebrate my 2 years anniversary more than my birthday.

Monday 1st: I checked in. Nobody replied to my mail, I thought everything was a waste of money, when the receptionist there told me the manager is waiting for me in the lounge. The conversation between the manager and I was 4 minutes max. He asked me about the meal, drink, dessert I would like to take and how much I could pay. Went back to my room, had my dinner and a nap.

Tuesday 2nd: I had some court issues since the beginning of this year and was supposed to appear in court the day of my birthday. Yep, what a birthday gift! Half the day I was outside the hotel. Later in the afternoon I came back and we were completely tired, took a nap, have some coffee.

The day was going fast, it was already night time. We knew we had to be ready by 19:30 and as everyone knows, girls take a lot of time to get ready 😜 So does my girlfriend 😳 I called the restaurant, told them we would be a little late. Reached there by 20:15 and our table was ready.

I loved the setup!

For starters, we were offered bread and butter and a cocktail which was absolutely amazing!

Minutes later, the manager of the hotel came to meet us. The bar guys asked me if I brought my camera to capture the good moments and I must say I’m so lucky I brought it that day. The manager himself took some really good shots of us. (I don’t know if managers do this but I appreciated his action!)

The bar man came down, brought my wine. A ‘Chateau Des Tuquets: Bordeaux 2012’ and we were good to go.

Chateau Des Tuquets Bordeaux 2012

This was my favorite moment of that night. My girlfriend and I have some good conversations going on while we were drinking our wine.

Food was next. The manager asked me about the kind of food I wanted to eat. He suggested me seafood which we were not fond of that much. So I told him to get me meat only.

Plat du jour!

We had a good time with the meat and the wine and last but not least was time for the birthday cake. They got us a plate of fruits first and 10 minutes later they brought me my birthday cake 😁

The bar guy with the cake 😎

Time was running and the bar men were supposed to close the restaurant. The manager, the chef, the sous-chef, the demi-chef and the waiters came down to wish me, everyone had a piece of cake and I offered the manager a glass of wine and we had a good talk.

This was pretty much the 2nd August 2016 and I can say it was the best birthday party ever. I tend to think of it more as a 2 year anniversary with my girlfriend because this was the first time I had a romantic date. I was happy to have the first romantic dinner with this girl because without her, none of this would have been possible. She always believes in me and had never let me down. This was the 2nd August 2016.

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