Kenu Highline for iPhone 6/6s — Review

This little company from San Francisco, CA makes some absolutely stunning cases for the iPhone. Right now, they only offer iPhone cases but they are in progress for other phones as well.

So how did I find Kenu?
The recent post was all about my experience with FedEx and I mentioned I wanted to move from a thin case to a more grippy and durable one, but especially an all-black case with NO design at all at the back. I was searching when I came up with iMore’s post about their best sleek and thin cases for the iPhone. This is how I found about Kenu.

The case itself is an all-in-black matte case made of polycarbonate material and has an open bottom to be able to use different sort of headphones. Overall, the material is well made and durable.

I’ve been using this case for the past 3 three days and there’s has not been a day without it. It has an amazing feel when holding in the hand, with better grip than the Super Thin Peel case I was using though the Peel is thinner in size compared to the Highline.

Actually the Highline is not only the case itself, but a security leash comes along with the protective case. The leash is attached to your phone via the Lightning port and you can hook it up in your belt or your bag etc. View more of the detail about the leash here.

The leash comes in Orange and Green.

You can purchase the leash separately but not the protective case. Highline starts at $29.95 for the iPhone 6/6s and $34.95 for the iPhone 6/6s Plus and the protective case comes with only one colour, black.

For shipping method, there’s ‘Standard shipping’, ‘FedEx International Economy’ and ‘FedEx International Priority’. I ordered mine using International Priority and the service was great.

For ending this post, I don’t think I will move to another case for a while or maybe forever because this was the case I was searching for since I got my phone. I even thought about getting the Apple Leather case but now I’ll just skip it.

Price is affordable, quality is good now just hope for it to last long!

The back

This was Kenu Highline and there’s much more cases like this you can buy online:

  1. Spigen Thin Fit
  2. Caudabe The Sheath
  3. Shumuri Slim Extra

For your information, I’m only using the protective and not the leash.

Thank you for reading this post and I’ll see you for the next one.


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