My experience with Twitter Clients

To start this post, I want to say that I’ve been using Twitter for almost 3 years now. At first, Twitter was hard to use. I was not able to understand how you share a post (I used to say that instead of tweet), or how you comment on someone’s tweet (I also used to say that instead of reply to someone’s tweet).

With years of practice, or should I say, with years of me tweeting everyday, I’ve been able to get familiar with how Twitter works. I always have the idea in my mind that, the more followers you have, the more your tweets are popular, which is quite true by the way. So I started following some randoms fellows. With time, I decided to keep my profile clean. At that time, I was using Twitter Web Client itself.

After 1 year, I was almost active every 2 hours and always like to communicate with my followers. Why not keep in touch or talk with them when you are following each other?! And oh, I completely forgot, I was using Twitter on a Symbian OS when I first joined Twitter. I must say, using Twitter on a Symbian OS is so not fun at all!

Soon after my phone got broken, I moved to an Android phone. As soon as the new Android phone was in my hand, I started using Twitter for Android, which is quite fun to use to my taste. (Compared to the Symbian OS lol). Almost 5 to 6 months with the official Twitter app for Android, after meeting with my girlfriend, which by the way was using Twitter on an iPhone, met me at McDonalds one day. We had a good talk, had our meal, and was searching for something interesting we could do. Something came up in my mind. Why not open the Google PlayStore and browse for some new apps? Searching for new apps, I finally came across Fenix for Android, an interesting or should I say, the most beautiful Twitter app for Android I ever found.

Fenix for Android is a Twitter app which is developed by Mvilla. I instantly told my girlfriend to gift me the app as I didn’t have a credit card to buy apps on the Google PlayStore. And she decided to gift me it right way. Since then I’ve been using the app for like half a year, and it was amazingly beautiful and not laggy at all. Was using a Huawei Y320 at that time, which it is not a powerful phone and I like how Fenix runs smoothly on it. (I could have post some of my screenshots from Fenix, but I guess I lost everything on my SD Card). On my computer, I was using Tweetdeck, the amazing app I found on the web which is from Twitter itself. Tweetdeck has multiple timelines, schedule tweets, real-time streaming of tweets etc. which I was in love to.

Couple months later, I moved to an HTC Desire 816 which I was still using Fenix as my main Twitter app and consequently changing from Fenix to the official Twitter app, cause I was loving how the official app was looking on that 5.5" phone.

Not more than a month, my HTC broke down. (Yeah, don’t ever buy phones at the lowest prices, simple advice). I was thinking about to move from Android to iOS and didn’t know that I will soon purchase an iPhone. Purchased the iPhone 6 (May 2015, this year) and was using Twitter for iPhone, the official app on my phone. Because I don’t like using free apps on my phone, I tried to find a new Twitter app and came across TweetBot for iOS. The app was $4 if I still remember how much I paid for, and again this time too, my girlfriend gifted me the app.

Half an hour using the app, I decided to stop using the official app and move to TweetBot. The app was definitely my favorite app on my phone. I love how simple TweetBot is, it has some of the same functions as TweetDeck.

  1. Real-Time Streaming Timeline
  2. A dark light theme and more

At the bottom you have:

  1. First the Timeline
  2. Next to the Timeline button, the ‘@’ is for Mentions
  3. Direct Messages
  4. Search/Your Profile/Your Favorites/Retweets and Lists
  5. It’s the same as No.4.

You can choose from Search, Your Profile, Favorites, Retweets and Lists and can always toggle between.

The app was much more user friendly than the official app. And way more fluent too!

Soon after, just before I moved to the 6s, TweetBot 4 was released. They added some new features such as now you can see some of your stats (How your tweets are being viewed/favorited and retweeted. The only thing I didn’t like at all from Tapbots (The developers of TweetBot) is, they didn’t let existing TweetBot users upgrade for free. We had to pay another $4 and this sucks! But meh, I can pay more than $4 for the app. (I’m not kidding)

Tweetbot 4 for iOS installing

TweetBot 4 for iOS installing

After finally upgraded to TweetBot 4, the app was more fluent, less laggy and more beautiful.

The new feature — Stats about your tweets

The new feature — Stats about your tweets

The profile page changed completely. (I can just show you the newer one, cause I didn’t take a screenshot of the old one)

The new profile page

The new profile page

What make me love TweetBot for iOS more? The font! Helvetica Neue is one of the beautiful fonts I’ve ever used. (On an iPhone, it looks much more pretty)

And soon after I bought my iPhone 6, I purchased a Macbook Pro 13" Retina Display (Late 2014). I didn’t think twice, I instantly bought TweetBot for Mac, the mac version. I stopped using Tweetdeck since then though TweetBot for Mac and Tweetdeck have almost no differences.

Tweetbot for Mac: The Timeline

Tweetbot for Mac: The Timeline

You can add columns next to the Timeline tab (For example: Mentions, Lists, Your Favorites)

To me, the new font on El Capitan goes well with TweetBot.

Hope you get a little idea of what Twitter clients I’m currently using. TweetBot is one of the best Twitter clients for iOS and Fenix for Android. You can get multiple different apps such as Talon for Android, TweetCaster for Android and iOS, Echofon for iOS and Android, Twitterific for iOS and many more.

Hoping to write more about my experience with TweetBot but for now, that’s all! Thank you for your patience for reading this post, I know it’s a lot, but it’s enough for you to get a glimpse about which Twitter client I’m using right now. Hope to write more about Twitter for Windows Phone too soon. (I love to experience new Twitter clients, that’s just me lol)

Thank you so much and you can follow me on: Twitter.

Cheers! ;)

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