Review — Timepage by Moleskine ®

What is Timepage?

Timepage is a powerful Calendar app by Moleskine ®. It is available for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. Before I continue with the post, I was thinking about writing this post about how much I want the app for macOS, then I realized I should first share with you guys the features and everything I love about the app.

I wish to say that (iCal) is good but throughout this post, you’re going to find out why I prefer Timepage.


Reviewing a calendar app huh? Yes true, the app works just like or any other apps related to managing your daily activities/events out there. But why did I choose Timepage as my daily on my iPhone?

Firstly, the app has a beautiful UI and so much amazing animations when you are either adding and event or just checking existing events or just navigating throughout the app.

Secondly, viewing your events in a more adorable and professional way.
The picture below is viewing ONE event.

On top of that, you can customize everything the way you wanted. By that I mean:

Colors for your different calendars.

Swipe between the bubbles to see the magic.

The font size, background color and more.

Choose from a wide variety of colors!

Widgets on iOS 10.

Personally, the Countdown widget is the best!

Smart alerts and many more.

You also have Built-in Weather Forecasts.

How does it compare to the built in Calendar app?

I know some of you will say other apps too have colors for different calendars, but that’s not the point here. You have even more features than the official Calendar app offers but I’m going with the main ones:

  1. Timepage came with built in Weather Alerts, you can see the daily weather and forecasts with interactive graphs.
  2. An amazing features that Timepage offers is Daily Briefing. Everyday you will receive a summary of what is waiting for you that particular day. Isn’t this great when you created multiple events weeks or even months before and you don’t really remember these events later on.
  3. You can also Follow up with people. A clear example is: Maybe you created an event to meet a client today. Maybe you want to know how the meeting went, or you just want to know if the client reached home safely. After you met with the client, Timepage will tell you to follow up with that person an hour after or daily at a time.
  4. And the most amazing part that I love when using the app is the way you add an event. Just swipe down to add an event and you can also slide to choose the start time and end time of that event.
Swiping down to add an event (left) and creating the event (right).

To complete this post, I wanted to say that this was the best $4.99 I ever spent on a Productivity App on the App Store. I’m not saying that you should also buy Timepage, but I’m just leaving my review about it. I will also give you some other solid app suggestions I tried before going for this app.

Want to try out Timepage?

Here’s the link to download:
For iPhone: Timepage on the App Store. ($4.99)
For iPad: Timepage on the App Store. ($6.99)


The app is powerful and I’m currently using it as my main Calendar app. Something I move from Timepage to but I always end up going back to it. The only thing I wish for is to have Timepage for Mac. If Moleskine ® released it, I would definitely remove the iCal. I’m just on and off with iCal because it has the a macOS app. I’m always using my Mac; I even create most of my event using my Mac.

Other suggestions for Calendar apps

  1. Fantastical 2
  2. Calendar 5
If the team at Moleskine ® is reading this post, from a powerful user of your app, please bring the macOS app. I’ll buy it at any cost!