How I saved more than 4 hours every day?

It’s simple.

Changes I made to my smartphone.

  1. Deleted games
  2. Deleted all the social media apps
  3. Stopped carrying it around with me all the time
  4. Switched to silent mode when I work

Changes I made to my computer

Installed the StayFocusd plugin for Chrome. Added all regular sites I used to randomly browse. Set maximum time allowed per day to 30 minutes

Other changes I made

Deleted my Facebook account. I did this more than a year back. It’s saved me several hours. I am also significantly happier because I don't end up comparing myself to the perceived lifestyle and success other people have

Changes I want to make this year.

I still waste a lot of time doing unproductive things. Here’re some of them I wish to change in 2016

  1. Check emails less frequently. I have 3 email accounts. I end up checking emails every 5 minutes. My phone is also set to alert me whenever I receive a new email
  2. Stop spending so much time on LinkedIn. When I quit Facebook, I found LinkedIn as a way to fill the void of endless scrolling. My justification was that LinkedIn is professional content. I easily spend 1–2 hours on LinkedIn every day. Time to add LinkedIn to the StayFocused list